Top Chef: Strokes of Genius
April 3, 2020 9:24 AM - Season 17, Episode 3 - Subscribe

Comedic superstars Ali Wong and Randall Park swing by the Top Chef kitchen for a Quickfire Challenge tasking the chefs to make the wackiest fried rice they can; then, the chefs head to the famed Getty Museum to seek inspiration from the art.

To me, these "inspiration" challenges always seem a little bit tricky and can get quite unintentionally comical: "Oh, yes, this dish perfectly captures the sense of the social fantastique as conveyed in the work of Clebert."
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This episode was one where I really wish I could try the dish. What is peanut butter and jelly fried rice like??? Their words aren't enough to give me the impression of what it could be. The same with Eric's fish dish. "It moved me." How?! What does it taste like!? I am always frustrated when something in the show looks extremely simple and the judges love it because it shows how little you can actually "taste with your eyes."
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Ali Wong and Randall Park can be the next hosts of this show.
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When all the chefs from the last period (which I’m blanking on) seemed to fall flat, I wanted to yell, “Maybe you chose the period poorly!” Here, chefs, be inspired by a somber palette and restraint! Is it any wonder the rococo chefs were so much more successful?
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I really liked this, actually. It’s always so interesting to see how different chefs interpret a challenge. I wanted to eat Eric’s dish the most. It looked super interesting and it must have tasted great. I’m imagining it as clean and bright.
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This episode was one where I really wish I could try the dish.
I was very confused by the fried rice! I would have thought that the same person who liked a fried rice with hot dog pieces and cheeto dust would like a fried rice with spam. But the spam was too salty? I would have been happy to eat any of those options. I wanted to see PB&J take it.

I totally appreciated Ali Wong saying how they felt bad for the chef "they worked so hard!" because a lot of times I feel that way too.

I was not impressed by the main challenge. I don't know enough about the periods of art to get a sense of what they might be going for - the education was too brief to stick with me so as soon as we left the museum I forgot what style was what. And it seems like a matter of luck to some extent if your dish seems to be a plausible interpretation of that period you studied.
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When I saw the spam fried rice I already figured the judges weren't going to like it. The chunks were way too big. Even in spam musubi, the spam pieces are thin and not chunky.
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