The X-Files: Colony   Rewatch 
April 5, 2020 9:00 PM - Season 2, Episode 16 - Subscribe

In part one of two-part episode, after three identical men are killed and their obituaries are emailed to Mulder, a mysterious CIA agent informs him and Scully that the killer is an alien bounty hunter sent to destroy the start of a colony of clones. Meanwhile, Mulder is distracted when his sister, Samantha, suddenly returns.
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The "alien bounty hunter" is sort of emblematic of the problems with the mytharc stuff. He looks cool and sinister and intimidating, especially in his early appearances like this one, but he never amounts to much.
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iirc, the alien bounty hunter gets a lot more play later on? Like, different factions and the eyes-sewn-shut thing?

The ABH is a little bit problematic for me, for their over-powered-ness, but that's generalized to the mytharc, too.

It's a different world now, not sure exactly how (a successful) X-Files would have to change if it was made de novo today, but it'd have to be drastically different. For example, the phone tag. But that perhaps has a lot to do with its initial success and imprint in the popular consciousness.

I find it curious how important Mulder and Scully's families are to them as characters and to the show, while not being primary cast. Mulder's, iirc, in particular.

Scully running in heels, check. (also, her outfit with the tights, puffy white runners, and hoodie jacket wouldn't look out of place without her belt pouch, socks-on-the-outside, and clunky phone - also out of heels, her height really stands out).

Lockpick gun, check. (although Scully doesn't use a required tension wrench with it)

As cliffhangers go, I don't mind this so much, but probably did in the original viewing.
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This episode had a very scrambled feel.

And the actress who played adult Samantha Mulder looked NOTHING like any of the young girls who have stood in for young Samantha Mulder, so I never bought that the Mulders would have simply taken her at her word. Of course they're going to desperately want to believe her and be vulnerable to being told some story, but... Samantha's eye colour changed from brown to blue? Really?

Alien Bounty Hunter certainly does look menacing, I'll give him that.
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