The X-Files: End Game (part 2/2)   Rewatch 
April 6, 2020 9:01 PM - Season 2, Episode 17 - Subscribe

The alien bounty hunter abducts Scully. Mulder learns that the clones from the previous episode were human-alien hybrids, part of an attempt to establish an alien colony on Earth — and that his apparently returned sister Samantha is another such clone.
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There being multiple Samanthas and an ur Samantha is both relieving but also feels like a betrayal.

On one hand, Mulder giving up Samantha is uncharacteristic, on the other hand that would be a tell that Mulder never believed but yet now knows its worthwhile to keep searching. On the gripping hand, his growing relationship with Scully.

But if I was Mulder, the clue might have been Samantha saying that her adopted parents were colonists, or were at least hunted down by ABHs?

The 'save the Earth' (from Earthlings) thing was topical. Still is (climate change).

Skinner starting to believe in the team.
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Samantha wasn't supposed to be simply surrendered to ABH. That bridge was surrounded by FBI agents and there were sharp shooters there. However, yes, it is a measure of Mulder's depth of feeling for Scully that he consented to even put his possibly returned sister in danger at all.

Scully: [as Mulder regains consciousness] Hey. How you feeling?
Mulder: [in a hoarse whisper] Like I got a bad case of freezer burn.

Skinner is such a badass.

Scully ruffles Mulder's hair when he's out cold, and places her hands on his arm as he's waking up. I think this might be the first time we've seen her make such affectionate gestures towards him, though we've certainly seen him make some towards her.
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