Kim's Convenience: Season 4 - all episodes
April 9, 2020 3:34 PM - Season 4 (Full Season) - Subscribe

The further adventures of the Korean-Canadian Kim family in Toronto.
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I binged the whole season within the day or two of it showing up on Netflix. Great as usual, though I wish they hadn't ended with the mysterious bad medical news, in light of current events.
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Lots of great little funny moments. My favorite ep was the Jung photoshoot.
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I've pretty much lost interest in the MCU after Avengers: Endgame -- not planning on seeing the Black Widow movie, or subscribing to Disney plus to see the various Avengers tv series. But I am looking forward to seeing Simu Liu get the Marvel movie star press tour when the Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings publicity engine gets rolling, and I feel like Jung's beefcake photos gave me a taste of it.
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Ahh, I didn't know this was out! Thank you!
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I love this series. I did find Shannon to be a bit... much... this season, but it’s still so nice to have a low-stakes series like this where almost everyone is likeable and sympathetic.
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This was a super weird season ending compared to how they usually go. Janet and Gerald kiss all of the sudden? Umma maybe has a bad disease? Shannon has a perfect-for-her roommate and Jung's the third wheel in his apartment while Kimchee is moving on with his life and relationship? Raj and Janet are still vagueing their way into something even though Janet really stepped up and broke up with Nathan like a grownup.

I also just now noticed that Frank from this show was Duncan from Little Mosque on the Prairie and I am like "HOW DID I NOT KNOW? Also shoutout to Sugith Varughese who was also in both shows.
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The currently airing season 5 is the final season. After being renewed for a fifth and sixth season, the co-creators confirmed they'll move on to other projects, and they're stopping production rather than lower the quality. It sounds like there will be many unresolved loose ends.

Positive notes: season 5 exists, and it will show up on Netflix. Aaand for now, it's on YouTube, somehow, for the impatient.
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