Insecure: Lowkey Thankful
April 27, 2020 4:27 PM - Season 4, Episode 3 - Subscribe

Issa and Molly have an honest moment in the grocery store and make plans to talk things out over Thanksgiving pie. Issa and her gay brother Ahmal do their own thing. Lawrence invites himself to Condola's Friendsgiving, with good and bad results. Chad wonders whatever happened to Bradley Cooper and Kelli hosts her aunties (yes, even the one who...)
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This show is so good. Some serious stuff happense (watching that grocery store scene, where Issa and Molly lob pointed remarks that land a lot more pointed than usual, is heartbreaking) but there are tons of light, honest, funny emotional moments that really shine. And that's not even counting the Kelli and Chad comic relief, which is typically hilarious.

Loved Issa's night with her fab queer brother; he's such a great no-bullshit character. And Molly's family dynamic felt so real; I don't know how this show achieves such open, easy, natural dialogue but it does it better than most other shows, by far. Issa and Molly in that grocery store, tossing familiar barbs that neither one realizes are now more hurtful than friendly, and then coming around to talk about it, was so touching and well-written, which made the missed connection later all the more sad. Anyway, the music continues to be fantastic and the quick editing is so nicely done. Both give Insecure a vibrancy I just don't feel from other shows that also use a lot of musical cues and rapid cuts.

I gotta say it: I don't care a lot about Lawrence (though the actor's great). Maybe it's the first season setup of him as a lazy jerk, or that he's got yet another dull Tech Job storyline, but I don't know why anyone would want Issa to get back with him. He was a total dick to Condola after the dinner, I thought - the child that Issa was dealing with before.
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Yeah, I'm not crazy about the Lawrence and Issa thing. It's been obvious it would happen, as Lawerence has still been in the series now, but it feels like a mistake.

But overall, it's a story of young people growing up by making mistakes, so it works in that sense. I just don't want to watch this particular mistake.
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I like Nathan as a reconciliation so much more. I wonder if he's still Andrew's roommate after his mental illness break. I don't know what the process was that has so far completely sidelined Nathan this season in favor of Lawrence (Lawrence hits a chord with a lot of folks vocal on social media, maybe?) but it's not the most interesting choice the show could make for Issa.
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