Insecure: Lowkey Losin' It
May 4, 2020 6:25 PM - Season 4, Episode 4 - Subscribe

Molly and Andrew circle around each other's expectations. Issa and Molly grow even further apart. Everyone gets together to help Tiffany with her new baby girl. Issa deals with a setback to her block party and turns to Molly for help.
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Issa's mirror talk was hilarious, and Molly bonding with a couple of coworkers over the new boy was fun to see. The show keeps doing a great job of balancing fault as the dislike grows between Issa and Molly, though Molly judging the hell out of Issa and Lawrence for all the wrong reasons was really harsh. Issa's obliviousness about it being the wrong time for a favor was a close second. It's not fun to watch a friendship dissolve, but it's been written so well.

Loved the girls together at Tiffany's, with folks splitting off and recombining. Kelli and Tiffany seem bored with the drama between the other two.

I know Condola and Lawrence are in a bad spot but why would she ghost on Issa like that? Last we saw they were all about honesty, weren't they?

Yay for Nathan keeping hope alive.
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It's not fun to watch a friendship dissolve, but it's been written so well.

This had better not be a dissolution of a friendship. I will accept a big fight that lasts into the next season, but eventually, I need the two of them to be best friends again.

Yeah, I suspected that since Nathan was part of the NAMI message that he'd resurface this season. I'm interested to see him come back. I was searching the background for him when Issa went to get food. Although if she's missing a headliner for the block party, then I would have thought that Daniel would be more useful.

The decor of baby Simone's room was perfect for Derek and Tiffany. And even though this is a comedy, I really liked that they touched on Tiffany having medical issues that were ignored during her delivery.
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I loved that quick nod to black women and healthcare. The show gets those moments just right - demonstrating that it exists in our fucked-up racist political world without making that the defining feature of these smart, complex characters' stories. The art shines, and lights up the problems in an essential way that trusts the audience to get the point.

And then you get Derek thinking about his newborn daughter's future sex life. So gross and funny.

I'm with you, gladly, in not wanting to see a permanent break between Issa and Molly. As I've been going back through the series, it's been clear they've always had a sarcastic, no-bullshit, shade-throwing relationship*, but what's missing this season is those supportive moments that glue them together. They both seem willing to give up on the friendship, in a combination of pride and misunderstanding. I hope it resolves better.

*moments like Issa moving into her new apartment manager spot in season 3, mentioning the broken glasses in a box, and Molly going "I told you not to store stuff at your brother's place" and Issa replying "This box was at your place." Molly's quick reaction is hilarious and so revealing of the way they both used to joke, lie about and ignore each other's faults. They're not doing that anymore.
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