Star Trek: Court Martial   Rewatch 
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Captain Kirk's career is at stake when he is put on trial for the loss of a crewman during an ion storm.

"Court Martial" is episode #20, production #15, and was aired on February 2, 1967. It was written by Don Mankiewicz, and Stephen W. Carabatsos, and directed by Marc Daniels.

On stardate 2947.3, the Federation starship USS Enterprise, under the command of Captain James T. Kirk, sustains severe damage from an ion storm and seeks repairs at Starbase 11. Soon after the Enterprise arrives, the portmaster, Commodore Stone, begins an investigation of the only reported casualty: the death of Lt. Commander Ben Finney. Reports show Finney had been killed during the storm when his research pod was jettisoned from the ship. Kirk claims the ejection of the pod was necessary to save the Enterprise. Stone refers to computer logs which show Kirk had ordered the pod ejected while the ship was at "yellow alert" status, indicating the ship was not yet considered to be in serious danger.

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The episode can be viewed on Netflix and Hulu.
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"Mister Spock, no vessel makes record tapes in that detail, that perfect. What were we watching?" -- Captain Kirk, in The Cage, pt 1

I want a command chair with a 'pod jettison button', too.

And a device to selectively mask the sound of heartbeats voices from my ship office.

Books, young man. Books! Thousands of them!
posted by Herodios at 10:26 AM on December 9, 2014

And a device to selectively mask the sound of heartbeats...

The Starfleet College of Medicine Heartbeat Reader is one of my favorite Star Trek props.
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