The Adventure Zone: Graduation Ep. 13 "Apple for Teacher"
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The Thundermen have headed out for another real world assignment. They also have an assignment from Higglemas that they are working on. Before they reach the centaur camp, they need to level up and deal with some new friends. Plus, a shopping trip!
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Jesus Clinton. INTO THE MICROPHONE. I guess Travis is editing these too? Did Griffin post process this stuff better?
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I saw this tweet from Travis. Sounds like they're working on it. I think Clint used to record at Justin's house and now he's at home maybe?

I am four episodes behind due to not commuting to work anymore! I need to start listening to my podcasts once the kids are in bed if I'm going to keep up at all.
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Seems like it happened whenever he'd look down at his sheet. Happened in the last episode too, just more noticeable with more dice-rolling this week. I think Amnesty was on Roll20 and this isn't? Could be related. I know Clint used to record with Justin but I thought they'd switched over during Balance sometime.
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Finally finished this, took many sessions because I was just finding it painfully boring. It really feels like there are no stakes for the main part of the quest. Or the side part of the quest for that matter. And it doesn’t even matter which I’m referring to as main/side. I certainly don’t care about their grades, and I barely care about dog-brother.

Hints towards any number of things could have helped: ogre/satyr foreshadowing something (anything), magic tree being related to the chasm, one apple instead of two being related to the chasm. Felt like Justin was trying to dig stuff like that out, but nope, just a plain ol magic tree.

I think I need a break. I’m only listening for conversations like the dice plugging ears, or Firbolg’s attempted generosity towards the satyr, or the epilogue about Travis’s retainer. So just Justin, I guess.
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I don't care about the quest or anything, but the goofs make me laugh, and that's literally the only thing I want. I actually like that the story is easy-going and doesn't make me do any work.
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I’ve been enjoying this when Travis kind of steps aside to let the players do stuff! There were some good moments?
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I fell asleep on the first pass, waking up near the end. I looked at a summary of events and don't think I missed much, plot-wise, but am unsure if I should relisten as I'm in a liminal space between goofs and Travis - one of my last memories was him second guessing Griffin's shopping choice.
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Graduation has been on an upswing lately, in my opinion. Travis is doing a better job being a GM instead of an author trying to make the players read his fiction out loud without giving them the script. He presents them with game-based challenges, and the players can then goof around and solve them, and it's good light fun. Hopefully the trend continues.
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