Legends of Tomorrow: Ship Broken
May 6, 2020 4:02 AM - Season 5, Episode 10 - Subscribe

I'm so done with Gary. I had pretty much written him off the last time he let the team down, but I was resigned to the fact that he was now being repurposed into the magical intern. Thinking about it a bit more, however, I've decided that there is no way in Hell that John would take on such a gormless, naïve and cowardly assistant and teach him magic. John knows better than most that magic is too powerful to share with weak-willed idiots. He knows that magic exacts a price from its users and there is no way Gary can ever pay, unless he transfers the debt to somebody else. I considered that maybe John was using Gary for a purpose, but honestly, I can't see that (although Legends is fabulous for throwing plot curve balls). I was all for Gary early on in the series when it seemed as if he just needed an opportunity to prove himself or show his talents, but he has burned the team too often to be given another chance. The character is past the point of redemption.

I must say, I was pretty unimpressed by Mick's daughter. Sure money is fine, but I'm betting the value of those antiques and works of art would have appreciated more than any stock market gains would.

I'm also not too impressed with Nate. The best you can say about your buddy is that he steals to finance Waverider operations? Really? You can't come up with anything about him being the most feared and impressive time bounty hunter in the history of space-time? Come on, man. The girl wanted something cool and impressive about her dad that she didn't know. Something that was the equivalent of super powers.

Speaking of Nate, i know last episode I was all for somebody pursuing him in a romantic relationship, but please, please, please don't let Mick's daughter develop a crush on older, academic Nate. We don't need to see that trope played out on Legends.
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Isn’t Gary John’s assistant because of a fairy godmother wish? John may be whammied into not knowing he didn’t choose to train Gary himself.
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I do believe you're right. That totally slipped my mind. I guess I got whammied, too.
posted by sardonyx at 2:20 PM on May 6, 2020 [1 favorite]

"He's telling me to kill you all. He makes some good points." I died laughing. But this could easily have flipped further into horror mode.

under_petticoat_rule called that it was the dog pretty early on, but the execution was even better than we expected. Son of Sam's dog?!? Nice bringing in Ava's knowledge of serial killers too.

I liked that every character got a moment in this episode. It felt like a genuine ensemble episode, which we don't get much of nowadays.

Has Dominic Purcell participated in any group scenes this season? Rory is always either by himself or interacts with guest stars and one member of the regular cast. It makes me wonder what's going on. I'm starting to notice this the way I noticed "Kalinda and Alicia are never in a scene together, and that one scene they were in could have been filmed by two actors separately at different times (and, it turns out, was)" with The Good Wife.
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Rory was in the group scene in the circle to summon the ring two episodes ago, and was in a few scenes with others in the last episode when they went to hell. I think they are pairing him up with the daughter as aside story worth investing his screen time in, and I think it mostly works. I think they could've fleshed his daughter out more rather than just another greedy child-of-a-thief who's hard to impress.
posted by numaner at 3:14 PM on May 9, 2020

I'm also over Gary. They really squandered that character, which is too bad because I think the actor is great.

The writers have shown some great talent at creating a dynamic and being gonzo, but it's becoming increasingly clear that they are totally coasting on that instead of thinking of interesting scenarios to create value from the characters.

They either need to lean in and make this F. R. I. E. N. D. S. in spacetime, or put down the bong for a minute and come up with some plots.

I'm fine either way, but it's feeling a lot like fractional-assed fan service. I'm entertained by the show, but less and less invested.
posted by under_petticoat_rule at 11:55 PM on May 9, 2020

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