Fringe: Northwest Passage   Rewatch 
December 7, 2014 7:43 PM - Season 2, Episode 20 - Subscribe

Peter is from ... "Boston," and passing through to somewhere (Mars?), but he's not quite sure. He ends up helping out with an investigation - with someone who 'want[s] to believe.' A couple of disappeared bodies later, and things get weird in the deep green woods...
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Huh, I just assumed Walter was on one of his crazy rants. Which he was, but with some justification.

Strawberry-flavoured death would be a great band name.

I remember watching this episode and feeling really sad that Peter wasn't going to get his mix CD. It made her death turn from just another Fringe casualty to tragic. I'm glad he got it in the end, and really want to know what was on it.

The staticky phone calls reminded me of Mothman Prophecies, which seriously creeped me out. So this whole episode was eerie and creepy and sad. A good set-up for the cliffhanger end.
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I really like Martha Plimpton in this episode. She adds emotional depth to what's a surprisingly affecting episode. Brilliant ending too. And then: into the maelstrom.
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Strawberry-flavoured death would be a great band name.

Or a strain of Cannabis.

Yes! Martha Plimpton was very effective here. Wow, she played Stef in 'The Goonies!'

Kind of surprised Broyles went with Peter's play, and not send an (covert) observation team or something (although he ended up doing "something").
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On a very late rewatch of this, this felt so very much like a backdoor pilot for a new Martha Plimpton-driven sci-fi/weird dramatic show. Maybe in an alternate universe, it was Fargo.
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