Run: Tell
May 17, 2020 9:00 PM - Season 1, Episode 6 - Subscribe

Stranded in the middle of nowhere, Ruby and Billy argue about what to do next. Each affected by the other's desperation, the two must come together to confront their actions. Meanwhile, Laurel makes a gruesome discovery.
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Did he leave his phone in the coat?

"I didn't want ginger babies."
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I am really curious to see where this ends up.

I understand some of the reviews' complaints, but I also think they misunderstand what this show is trying to do. (The people who say "this should have just been a movie!" are weird because ... it's mostly going to end up being a long movie.) I also think it's a case where people thought this show would be one thing and got upset when it wasn't that.

Me, I'm into it. I do think this treaded water a bit but I enjoyed the digression. I think there were some nice moments between Ruby and Billy and ... I'm not sure how much they still like each other, but they're kind of stuck in this together now. And that's interesting.

The incompetent cops were fun, I thought, and while all of that was silly, I bought into that they didn't really know what to do because they've never experienced this before.

I still think there might be something else going on, but I would be satisfied if there wasn't too.
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Agree with all of that, darksong! I don't know, I think the reviewers are looking for something from PWB and this is really just PWB-adjacent and has her influence in some great ways, but it's not Crashing or Fleabag, it's its own thing.

I can't quite figure out what that thing is, but I watch the show holding my hand over my mouth/face either because I'm laughing so hard or because I feel punched in the gut (Ruby's tirade about being a mom and wife). And I have NO idea where the story is going, with only 20 minutes to wrap things up!

I wish the episodes were not SO short; each one really leaves me wanting at least another ten minutes or so.

But I agree the cops were hilarious; I loved their agreeing that the situation was serious, loved the one-word notes that Det Cloud took in her brand new notebook. Is it kinda corny/ stapstick? maybe, but the actors pulled it off really well.
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