What We Do in the Shadows: The Return
May 21, 2020 10:03 AM - Season 2, Episode 7 - Subscribe

The vampires offer shelter to an old nemesis who's down on his luck, while Colin feeds (off of) online misery.

The hat returns as What We Do In The Shadows hits the sewers of Staten Island (Katie Rife for TV/AV Club; rating: B)
Maybe the real cursed hat was the friends we made along the way. Two beloved guest stars from the show’s first season returned on What We Do In The Shadows this week, one of whom got top billing on my recap for that week and another who only merited a few passing mentions in the writeup. But I was wrong, y’all. The cursed hat made from the sweet puckering skin of a witch’s sphincter is a star, and I was wrong not mentioning it in the headline the first time around. So now that that’s been corrected, let’s talk about Simon the Devious.
Episode soundtrack from Tunefind.
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Screencap recap/ picking my favorite moments, a gallery.
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A Russian troll. Very good.
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I love how the hat is SO cursed that wearing it almost immediately gets you in mortal danger but both Lazlo and Simon either don't believe it or don't care.

I liked Colin Robinson vs Troll, and loved the subtle long game of Nandor gradually discovering that there's Something About Guillermo. But the funniest moment in the whole show had to be the moment when you realize there are different network decency rules for live trolls vs. statues of trolls.
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I love the hat, but Simon is a kind of meh character to my mind. He takes us back to what I think of as the most water-treading bit of the first season, that the Staten Island vampires think they are cool but none of the other vamps agree.

The whole vampire hunter arc is just incredibly tense. It really feels like Guillermo has a good option he is ambivalent about and a bad option that he loves. It’s quite nerve racking and I’m excited for the payoff.
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I'm also nervous for how Guillermo's story arc will end this season. There's only 3 episodes left this season, and no renewal for a 3rd season yet (though in this era of COVID-19, even if t was renewed, it's unclear when it would be produced).
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Oh my god Carol freaked me out. Had to stop eating.
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Actually I live in my own basement, dumbass!
Colin made me laugh this episode so he must be growing on me.
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There's only 3 episodes left this season, and no renewal for a 3rd season yet

Good news!
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I loved Carol in this ep, and already miss her.

And Colin getting energy by becoming a Twitter and FB troll was a nice touch.
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I've been trying to decide whether to watch this flower sculpture show on Netflix. Which is a sentence that does not seem to belong in this thread.
But one of the hosts, she is familiar. AH. A vampire, I knew it!
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"Human Form!"
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The loyalty of Elvis is a fickle thing
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Until I read about it here, I missed that the troll dong ceased to be pixelated after he turned to stone. One weird thing: For weeks, the viewer discretion warning at the beginning warned that the show contained violence, strong language... and nudity. We kept wondering where all the nudity was. Like, is there a flash of dong in some lithograph during the opening credit montage or something? We noticed that the nudity warning was gone for this episode... only for it to then feature a scene with a giant troll dong!
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Carol's design is incredible. Creepy as hell.

"I don't feel good about that. Something bad's going to happen, isn't it?"

Yuck, vampire ash up the nostrils.

Nice bringing The Hat back, but... that was kind of stupid on stupid?

Heh. Neal, Patrick, and Harris.
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