Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: Know your onions
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From IMDB: With the identity of the timeline-unraveling "threat" revealed, the team's mission to protect him at all costs leads each agent to question their own values.
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I'll probably post more later, but I'm not happy to be leaving this time period. Zeke looks so good and so right for the period, and that's both in formal wear and casual wear. Ditto Freddy. Mack looks good, although not of the period. Of the women, I think Yo-Yo pulls off period best, followed by Gemma. It has been so nice to see such lovely wardrobe choices, especially after seasons in the future and in space where the clothes weren't as pretty.
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I think this is the link you tried to post.
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I keep sort of being amazed at how much hair and makeup completely changes Daisy's look. I mean yes _duh_, but she's the most chameleonic of the cast.

And yeah, so is the whole season just going to be short bounces around time, wrapping up things here and there before the Marvel TV Universe goes *foom* and is reborn on Disney+?

The whole "Enoch needs to get back here right now oh noes the time gate is closing" - my dudes, he's a chronicom, he'll just go blend in for the next century, it's fine.
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Part of me is now wishing for Enoch pals around with Koenig shorts. I mean the did shorts with Coulson way, way back at the start of the Marvel movie universe, there is no artistic reason why they couldn't do any now. (Of course, studio politics reasons abound like new foals in a spring pasture on a broodmare farm.)

I kind of like the idea of the team hopping through time to key points in Marvel's history as a way of wrapping the show up, although it would be so much more fun if they could bring in some major Marvel movie guests stars (which, again, I know is so impossible). I would have loved to see encounters between Coulson and (pre- or post-serum) Steve or Tony. Actually, I'd really love to see Happy, as I don't think Jon Favreau gets enough credit for getting this whole ball of wax rolling, and I think he should have some small part in writing fini to this part of the story, at the very least.
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I had no idea they were going to jump around in time this season. I'm good with it. I'm good with whatever they do this season. I like this show and last season was bold and surprising. (I think the worst season of the show was when they were trying to wedge in the tremendously terrible Inhumans spinoff.)
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Are MeFites still watching this? Is it worth trying to carry on the discussion next episode?
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I, too, would love to see some Enoch and Koenig Marvel One-Shots. I dunno if they're still really doing those though. They really ought to, though, the MCU has started to feel less cohesive as time (and the sheer number of cooks in the kitchen) has taken its toll.

I think I'm actually glad they're going to be bouncing around time periods, though. Not that this one wasn't fun, but even with the "time stream" explanation, the longer they're there, the more it strains credibility that they aren't massively altering the future. Short hops are best. Plus, they have a lot of loose ends they might want to tie up and it also strains credibility that the other ends of all of those threads would be readily accessible in 1931.

I dug the Agent May/Enoch fight, but I sure hope they get whatever's going on with May sorted out quickly enough for her to get in on some of the period-costumes stuff.
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Deke not Zeke.

(I really need to start wearing my proper computer glasses when I posted here. Getting old is for the birds.)
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Are MeFites still watching this? Is it worth trying to carry on the discussion next episode?

I'm still watching. I probably won't have much to say, but, it being the final season I think it's worth having episode threads til the end. (Also, I added the mcu_club tag - didn't think the system would let me add a tag to another poster's thread, I thought I remember a mod once saying that only mutual contacts could add tags, but maybe club tags are different.)
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I’m still watching the show and checking Fanfare immediately after the credits roll, so I appreciate your efforts, sardonyx. (Even if I am watching the show several days after it first aired.)

Yes, the cast in period costumes, hair, and makeup has been amazing. Mack with that hat at that perennially rakish angle is >chef’s kiss.< But I was pretty well shocked that the weapons they brought to fight the Chronicoms were actual Tommy guns and not high-tech blasters disguised as Tommy guns.

Boo to Daisy. Yes, I know this is a classic “kill baby Hitler” situation, but if your mission is to stop the bad guys from assassinating someone, just don’t assassinate that someone for the bad guys. That’s like Agenting 101.

So if they are going to be jumping around time periods, are they going to have new period opening title graphics every couple of episodes? Because I am very down with that.
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Oh, and I was surprised by our heroes saying that Malick and Hydra would go on to kill “thousands of people.” Surely Hydra has killed at least tens of thousands, if not a hundred? I mean, in Captain America: The First Avenger didn’t they basically take over World War II duties from the vanilla Nazis? (Been a while since I’ve seen it.)
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I still read the posts, even though I don't have go to contribute to the discussion.

I wonder if we'll meet young Grant Ward when they get to the 80s/90s.

I might start calling the show Marvel S.L.O.T. - Serious Legends Of Tomorrow.

BTW, did they change the name of the show from Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. to Marvel Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.? Or has it always been Marvel Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.? I could swear it used to be possessive.
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It's definitely still "Marvel's" in the spoken intro/previously on dialogue & closed captioning, and in the program listing of my Tivo. I don't remember if the onscreen branding changed from the possessive to the trademark 'MARVEL' logo at some point though.
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I wonder if we'll meet young Grant Ward when they get to the 80s/90s.

Yes! The fan base is clamoring for more Grand Ward content.
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