My Brother, My Brother And Me: MBMBaM 514: Kickeo
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How much money would it cost to get celebrity Dave Bautista to come to your neighbor's house and absolutely kick it the hell apart? Less than you might think!Suggested talking points: McElroy Masterclass, Cameo Conundrum, Looking a Gift Lawn Mower in the Mouth, Modern Castles, Burgerchip, Haunted Fishin' Hole. Support the Marsha P. Johnson Institute. More resources on anti-racism and fighting police violence.
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I just about died at the Porky Pig bit. Unreal.
posted by kmz at 8:52 AM on June 17, 2020 [3 favorites]

The boys were punchy this week. It made for good comedy but I wonder if cabin fever's getting to them.
posted by ardgedee at 1:12 PM on June 17, 2020

Holy SHIT the Porky Pig bit had me doubled over, I could barely breathe. The hardest I laughed all year, hands down.
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You could feel Griffin's combined pride and embarrassment for that bit.
posted by meese at 6:18 PM on June 17, 2020

They've been on fire the last few weeks.
posted by bleep at 9:39 AM on June 21, 2020

The best thing about the Porky Pig bit is that you can hear the exact moment Griffin comes up with the idea (0:38 in this clip) and then about 20 seconds of him just barely holding it together while Travis gamely reads the ad copy.
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