Dark: Light and Shadow (Licht und Schatten)
June 28, 2020 9:18 AM - Season 3, Episode 6 - Subscribe

Adam holds Martha captive in 2020. On the day of the apocalypse, and increasingly frantic Martha begs Bartosz for his help.

*1888 Jonas wakes from a dream of his experience of the apocalypse, in which he was not taken from his world, but fled from the house after Adam killed Martha. He reads the letter - "Dear Jonas, you promised to make everything right again. I want you to know you will do that. You must never lose hope that there is a way out of this maze. A way to save me...and you. But we both have to make sacrifices, do unimaginable things to untie the knot at the end. Each fate in this knot is tied to the next. A thread, red like blood, that connects all our deeds, in light... and in shadow. But the apocalypse must take place. You must let me die so I can live. We have to let some things go before they find their way back to us. We are a perfect match. Never believe anything else."

*In the Adam & Eve room, youngest other-Martha walks away from Jonas' corpse. Eva and the other two Martha's look at their god-particle blob. In 2052 Adam-world, the woman who used to be Elisabeth's interpreter (do we know her name? Silja?) locks the 1888-garbed Martha in a cage. Adam looks at the god-particle blob and re-reads the note. But we see that 1888-Jonas burned his note.

*Day of the apocalypse - youngest-Martha returns home, and tries to wash Jonas' blood off her. When Magnus arrives, she tells him that Bartosz was right, that today is the apocalypse, but he says she's crazy.

*Adam visits caged Martha. She asks why he and her other self lied to her, and Adam says he's come to realize that true paradise is eternal darkness, and to achieve it the apocalypse must happen in his world and hers.

*6 hours until the apocalypse. At home, Bartosz hears Aleksander arguing with Obendorf about the barrels. Aleksander then tells Bartosz about how he's being blackmailed, and shows him the newspaper clipping about the murder of Clausen's brother 33 years ago, and that he never told Regina.

*Charlotte comes to see Ulrich at his home. She waits with pregnant Hannah, who warns Charlotte that Ulrich belongs to her, but then fakes friendliness when Ulrich enters. Charlotte shows Ulrich the result of lab exam of the two coins, that they're identical, and Ulrich takes one coin and leaves.

*In her bedroom, Martha cuts her hair, and puts on the outfit we saw her wearing to bring Jonas to her world before the apocalypse hit. She has a talk with Katharina about whether she believes in fate, and hugs her goodbye.

*In Jonas-world, post-apocalypse Claudia goes to the power plant god-particle room. The god-particle sphere is small and white, but when she reaches for it young Jonas calls out to stop her. She asks him what it and the machinery is, and he tells her he knows what the room will look like in the future, that the caves have collapsed in the apocalypse and the passage has been destroyed, that getting the god-particle-sphere room working is the only way forward, the only way he will be able to go back and save Martha and Mikkel. Then he wonders how Claudia found him. She shows him the suitcase-time-travel device which is now non-functional. Jonas wonders why Old Claudia didn't warn him about Adam shooting Martha since she must have known about it, and why should he trust her now. Claudia says she knows what the material in the power plant is, and can help him save them all.

*In 2052 desert-world, young scar-face Martha writes the letter to Jonas. Eva explains how Jonas is dead in their world but alive in the other, that it's the crossing point of the infinity loop, and we split-screen of the two versions of apocalypse-day, where Jonas is taken to Martha-world or not.

*3 hours to apocalypse. Martha goes to see Bartosz for help, and tells him about the material formed 33 years ago in the power plant accident, that the barrels will be opened today and trigger the apocalypse. She tells him about her other self murdering Jonas, says they have to keep Aleksander from opening the barrels. Bartosz tries calling Aleksander but he doesn't pick up. Aleksander looks at the blackmail bag on his desk, calls Charlotte and says he wants to show her something.

*Ulrich views the bunker-rift body at the morgue, and recognizes Mads' chin scar. He visits old Helge in the jail cell, and Helge says he had to do it, and has to stop him, that Ulrich is the "him" he has to stop. Ulrich releases Helge from the cell.

*In the Martha-world god-particle room, the cleft-palate man (I think I'll call them the Origin Trio from now on?), generates the black sphere, and the boy & old man step through, while the middle man takes the gold orb device from his pocket.

*Adam-follower what's-her-name (Silja?) gets Martha from the cage and tells her to remove her 1888 clothes. Adam activates the god-particle sphere, and tells adult Magnus & Franziska they know what to do.

*1 hour until the apocalypse - young goth Magnus & mute Franziska sit by the lake. Magnus still thinks Martha's apocalypse-talk is crazy. Franziska is worried considering all the weird stuff that's happened, but signs that 'if we die today, we die together.' Bartosz and Martha cycle to the power plant. Aleksander brings Charlotte to particle room. Ulrich follows old Helge to the caves and leaves a voicemail for Charlotte to DNA test the boy's body because he thinks it's somehow Mads. Adam-world adult Magnus and Franziska stop Martha and Bartosz, and tell her her older selves lied - they bring out the gold orb and convince her to come with them to save Jonas, and she goes with them leaving Bartosz behind.

*In her god-particle room, Eva gives speech to her followers: "It's time. Adam has moved each of his pieces into position. It's time that we do the same. This knot has given us all life, and we are its keepers. In both worlds. He'll never be able [putting hand on young Martha's belly] to untie the knot. In all these years, he hasn't understood how everything is really connected. How everything ends and begins. Not only in our world, but also in his. We are...destiny. We build the walls...of this labyrinth. Each of us shapes the paths and extends their hands. Bartosz, you must save yourself to save our lives. Claudia, you must guide yourself to be our eyes in Adam's world. Egon, you must create your past to preserve the family tree. Noah...you bring love to make everything new. Every darkness is followed by light. With every death comes a life." She activates her god-particle sphere.

*In Adam's god-particle room, Martha is bound to steps beneath the god-particle-blob. He tells her that it will take the energy of both worlds to destroy the Origin since he is born of both. He takes the Saint Christopher medal from her neck and activates the sphere.

*In split-screen, we see that the Origin Trio has split up, middle man to one power plant and young & old to the other, and they use the keys taken from Brandt once inside. Adult Bartosz goes to where young Bartosz has been left by Martha, Adult Noah to young Elisabeth on the forest path, Claudia to post-apocalypse Claudia, Middle-age Martha to outside the 1888 Tannhaus factory (where Jonas is completing his device).

*In the caves Ulrich finds the thread to the passage (the doorway of which says "Let there be light" in Martha-world instead of 'Sic Mundus'). At home, pregnant Hannah holds Aleksander's gun. Middle-age Martha leaves the Jonas note and the 'for Charlotte' watch on a desk. In the plant, the Origin Trio turn various switches, and Charlotte sees the barrel contents begin to tremble and activate. As the apocalypse begins, Adult Noah leaves young Elisabeth in the bunker with young Noah. Pregnant Hannah starts bleeding, and old Egon arrives. At home, Katharina and Mikkel cling to each other. In Adam's god-particle room, screaming Martha is enveloped by the sphere. At the lake, Magnus and Franziska witness the god-particle explosion as it smashes over them.
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I like how the Katarina-divorced-from-ulrich seems like a much nicer person. That man is no good for anyone!
posted by 5_13_23_42_69_666 at 1:12 AM on June 29, 2020

I literally just realized this but the two worlds have two different dates for the apocalypse right? Original world is July 27 and other world is November 6? Or do i have that totally wrong?
posted by LizBoBiz at 2:12 PM on June 30, 2020

No, you have that right, LizBoBiz.
posted by oh yeah! at 4:22 PM on June 30, 2020

Well, this episode seems to official blow up my "World 3" theory.
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I am so confused by the infinity loop and how all that works. I think I get the part where killing original-Martha is a point where it doesn't matter whether new-Martha saves Jonas or not, the same events will take place. But I still don't get how that explains 1888 Jonas not remembering meeting Martha. Is a new universe created every time a decision is made at the crossing point of the loop?
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I might be getting close to my limit of: “why did/didn’t you tell me, how can I trust you, we must break/complete the cycle so we can save/destroy your/my/both worlds.”

Also, of all the crazy stuff, the importance of opening the barrels is maybe the oddest thing. Would the barrels really contain The God Particle if there was no one around to pop the lid? Are they God Barrels?
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I am just letting this wash over me, still needing to see what happens next and trusting that there will be some exposition montage that makes it all clear. Older selves are assholes though. That much is clear in any world.
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Adam twirls mustache:
"No, we need a world ending double abortion!!!"
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snofoam: just make a drinking game out of it. Take a shot every time:

1) Someone wakes up from a nightmare

2) Accuses someone else of lying

3) Says "join us, we're light, they're dark"

4) says "we can save both!"

You'll be dead of alcohol poisoning within the hour.

world ending double abortion in my new band name.
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best part of this was the ending, the apocalypse. Dialogue ceased. Music and imagery stepped up. I do think we're supposed to be completely confused at this point.
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