Floor is Lava: In Lieu of the Olympics, Here's... This
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Teams compete to navigate rooms flooded with lava by leaping from chairs, hanging from curtains and swinging from chandeliers. Streaming on Netflix.
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I agree with all the proposed rule changes in the second article. I'm always wondering whether any part of one's body going into the lava counts or whether one must actually fall in.

I'm also very curious about what the "lava" is made of. I would think simply water, food coloring and fancy lighting, but it seems too opaque for that. My one suggestion to really up the dramatic stakes would simply be to change the show's theme to The Floor is Raw Sewage.

The best part is how the competitors theatrically react when their teammate falls in, and then the camera angles make sure not to show them getting out. It'd be fun to see a behind the scenes video on that process.
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This is a completely silly show that my kids started watching and I can't leave the room if it's on. Need some more development, as per the second link, but it's fun.
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I wanted the teams to wear white overalls and have them analyzed at the end. Maybe lose fractional points for how much 'lava' they get splattered on them? That would open up more types of obstacles too. A fairly easy route where you are likely to get splashed, or a harder route where you can get all or nothing.
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I'm always wondering whether any part of one's body going into the lava counts or whether one must actually fall in.

As best I can tell you can't have two feet in at once. There are dramatic leaps where one foot gets drenched but they are still safe. There are other times where a contestant can clearly pull themselves up but because two feet went in they have to let go and have a dramatic "fall". The overacting of the contestants is one of the best parts but I do get distracted trying to figure out the actual rules.

Rutledge Wood seems nice enough, but he really needs a co-host to make the commentary more lively. It doesn't have to be Nicole Byer, but it should probably be Nicole Byer.
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I have been watching this (because of my kids, I swear, haha) and it is all right. What it really does for me though is makes me want to get on the Netflix gravy train. They seem like they will just throw money at anything.
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I love that each episode changes courses. I love that the competitors are so very average.

I wish they had more rope swings and moving parts.
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They seem like they will just throw money at anything.

But, like, not very much money. I love how cheap this production looks. And I'll bet whichever production person is sitting there on the lava splash button is super happy when they get to really nail a team member. I want that job.
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I wish they had more rope swings and moving parts.

And more escape-room style mini-missions to reveal the path, like untying a rope. I suppose that would take too much time.
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This is a goofy, extremely under-baked show that I totally binged watch.

It was obvious the producers told teams to have one-ish player(s) move at a time; the game is shown in real time, so if everyone cannonballed the course at once they wouldn’t have a game to narrate. However, that completely defeats the purpose of having a timer. No one seemed concerned about the time, and it let the air out of so many runs. Having the stairs disappear helped, but without teams knowing their competitors’ run times, the urgency is essentially gone.

The courses were inconsistent in difficulty, and some much better designed with varying types of “furniture”. I agree there should be more to do to get out - it would force the contestants to interact with the entire set, and give them a clearer goal. So many teams had uninspiring runs of not being sure how to get across, and not much happened in their run.

To the Netflix producer googling their own show - it’s fixable! Let me binge watch another silly round of episodes!
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