Doom Patrol: Tyme Patrol
July 2, 2020 8:12 PM - Season 2, Episode 2 - Subscribe

The Chief tries (and fails) to win Cliff's sympathy, and Rita devises a plan.
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I thought I was watching Legion for a second when they dropped into that roller disco.
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Whatever I was watching, it was great.
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Seriously, Dr. Tyme's head was very much a Legion-style design.

I'm glad that Larry's B-plot with his son was a one-and-done scenario. After the protracted and beautiful reunion with John in season 1, first in dreams and then as an old man, this first felt like it was going to cover the same ground.

Abigail Shapiro is so good as Dorothy. She's adorable and heartbreaking through all that heavy makeup.

The Cyborg from Doom Patrol (and I guess Titans too? Haven't watched it) is so much better than the Cyborg from the Justice League movie. If Warner Brothers ever puts that movie back on the schedule it should be starring this version—it's not like they care that much about continuity (or they can explain it away with Dr. Tyme's continuinium). I love how wrapped up he is in the idea of being Cyborg—He says "I'm Cyborg" as if that explains everything so often, it should be considered his catch phrase.

Oh, and Rita's drawings of her plan were excellent.
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I liked how Cliff apologized for making fun of Rita's plan drawings.
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I also thought this was a high point of a delightful episode.
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