Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: Adapt or Die
July 2, 2020 9:14 PM - Season 7, Episode 6 - Subscribe

The team is split up, cut up, blown up, blocked up, and fed up.

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As a note, I'm way behind in my TV viewing, and will likely continue to be for some time. I can't make any guarantees that I'll get around to watching this in a timely fashion or posting about it. Feel free to jump in and post the FanFare threads. I don't remember who posted them in the past, but it wasn't me (at least the majority weren't) and I feel no sense of ownership invested in them.
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I feel like they crammed several episodes of grimdark into one.
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Absolutely, Coulson! It was nice to see and hear Phil being competent and capable again. That's the Phil I love. As much as the rest of the team members have turned into solid characters, I'm here for Phil, especially the Phil of the Marvel Shorts.

It seems they're trying to give Daniel a reason to stay in the future and with the team. Normally, I would say Sousa is too old for Daisy, but given her experiences, I can't complain too much. It would be nice to see her with somebody who can match and challenge her and support her as an equal partner. We don't know what Cap did when he went back in time, so we have no idea how Sousa's relationship with Peggy was affected so we don't know if he's looking for a relationship or not.

I like Deke being protective of his grandma. Good boy.

May and the general were fun to watch in an episode that definitely needed a bit of lightness.
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This episode feels like the first one that leans into the fact that it’s the last season, and the status quo doesn’t need to be preserved. Not that major characters haven’t died or experienced major changes, but if this were an earlier season it would be easy to assume that the Zephyr would be able to go back and pick up Mack and Deke from wherever they were left. Now it seems very possible that the next time we see Deke or Mack will be as old men in the present day, perhaps as Director of a completely rebuilt SHIELD that purged itself of Hydra in the ‘80s.

The show has no obligation to the Cinematic Universe anymore, and the alternate timelines of Endgame mean they can reshape the universe anyway they want. Let’s go crazy!

OR, imagine if the series finale is the Chronicoms about to land the killing blow on the agents and take over the world. Then the Chronicoms all suddenly vanish into dust thanks to the Snap. It would be cheap and bad but I would laugh my head off.
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My left-field theory is that Fitz comes back but he's old, and Sousa turns out to be Deke's grandfather.

I'm not saying I want that to happen, but if it does I want to be able to say "Called it!!!"
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If that actually happens I will gift you a bucket of milk with a trout in it.
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So Sousa == Fitz ?
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