The X-Files: Trevor   Rewatch 
July 10, 2020 8:25 PM - Season 6, Episode 17 - Subscribe

Agents Mulder and Scully pursue a ruthless escaped convict in Mississippi who is capable of passing through solid matter at will, and who seems to be in search of something he believes to be his.
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For me, the ideal in "The X-Files" was when Scully was just as important as Mulder and her scientific knowledge just as important as his arcane knowledge. In reality, though, the writers almost never tried to get the science right, and therefore never fully respected Scully as a character. This episode was one of the giant low points, and it still makes me furious. THE TORNADO CAUSED HIM TO WALK THROUGH WALLS?

The people who shrug and say "it's only a TV show" are the same people who ignore climate change. What if TV shows TRIED to get the science right? What if evidence-based deduction was valued? Maybe our world would be a better place.

[sorry. This episode sets me off]
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I thought that this would be lowest IMDB rated episode of the season, but that honour goes to the dog episode.

Feels like a retread of some of the themes from 'D.P.O.' - usually the retreads are improvements. But John Diehl is no Giovanni Ribisi.

Tuesday Knight (the girlfriend June) appears to be a pretty prolific scream queen.

I'm ok with bad science (or better, no science) as long as they don't try to over-explain it, and I hate it when they try to explain with Science but get it dead wrong - and still gets things internally inconsistent.

Mulder's Kershaw makes an appearance again.
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Tuesday Knight played Jackie; Catherine Dent played June.

This episode does pack an emotional punch: the horribly abusive, vindictive man who does nothing but hurt others even when he's trying to do what he thinks is a good thing; the damaged ex-girlfriend who tried to make a new life for herself, even if she did go about it in a dysfunctional way, only to lose everything she thought she had; the innocent sister and little boy caught in a crossfire.

Pinker isn't at all a sympathetic character, but I do think he had one moment of self-awareness when he looked into that phone booth and saw just how terrified Trevor was, and walked away because he began to realize his son was better off without him.

Also, he is right about that new sock feeling.

Walking through walls is kind of cool, but I can't think of any legitimate purpose to which it could be put, and having to leave your clothes behind would be a drag.

How did Pinker find out where June was being held? He got to June's house in the trunk of Mulder's car, but then when Mulder figures that out, he tells the state trooper assigned to her, "Get her out of here," the guy takes June away, and Mulder and Scully go back into June's house, where Pinker still is -- he turns at the sound of a key in the lock.

June's going to jail. I don't know how much time she will get for killing Pinker, and with a good lawyer she might even beat that rap -- she was trying to protect her son from a horribly violent man, after all -- but she will be charged with keeping and spending that 90K instead of turning it in as she should have done. You can't build a good life on lies and crimes -- it will rot from the inside out, no matter how much good china you buy. I hope she gave at least some of that money to Jackie for Trevor's care. It galled me to see how much better she was living than Jackie.
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