The X-Files: Orison   Rewatch 
July 22, 2020 8:27 PM - Season 7, Episode 7 - Subscribe

In a sequel to "Irresistible", Donnie Pfaster escapes from prison with just one thing on his mind: the woman who escaped him five years before.
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I don't quite know what the point of this episode was. I think it should have developed the character of Donnie Pfaster, in particular exploring his supposed demonic side, rather than simply rehashing his former modus operandi. The shots of him as a demon, or little indicators like his hand looking like a demonic claw as it rests on a car door like we saw in the first episode, seem more gratuitous than an integral part of his character. He seems like a run of the mill fetishistic serial killer with a supernatural element shoehorned in to fit the parameters of the show. How could a demon even be kept in federal prison? What supernatural abilities does he have, if any?

Tip of the hat to the call girl who trusted her instincts and got the hell out of Orison's apartment, taking down Donnie as she went.

Scully put up probably one of the best fights we've seen from her. And that scream of rage she gives when Donnie says he's going to run her a bath!

When Mulder says to Scully, "If you want to pack some things, we can get out of here," at the end of the episode, one wonders where they'll be going. Back to his place? We do get a glimpse of a bed at Mulder's apartment in this episode, so I suppose he could give her the bed and sleep on the couch himself. If so, it speaks volumes about their relationship that she'd prefer to stay at his apartment, even if the accommodations aren't great and it's only platonic, rather than stay at a hotel.
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How could a demon even be kept in federal prison?

Precisely, just so long until he just decided to walk out. Part of the big reason I'm not a fan of episodes where the MoTW gets incarcerated, on the function of the plausibility of imprisonment being possible.

Strong Scully episode. She certainly put a lot of emotion into the fight.
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