Song Exploder: Tycho - Awake
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Tycho is the project of Scott Hansen, along with guitarist Zac Brown and drummer Rory O’Connor. I spoke with Scott in front of a live audience in San Francisco (thanks to Noise Pop). In this episode, he breaks down the title track from the 2014 Tycho album Awake, including a note he misplayed, and a vocal part you aren’t really supposed to know about.

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See some of Scott's design work for Tycho at Re-form on
The Interpol song that influenced Scott is "PDA."
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The misplayed note and the vocal bit are the kinds of things I love finding out about on Song Exploder.
posted by ocherdraco at 7:55 AM on December 11, 2014

This was great! I discovered Tycho on NPR a while back and love Awake, so this just makes me like it even more. Haven't listened to Song Exploder before this, so now I have to go dig through their archives and see if any of my other favorites are featured.
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I didn't love this track (seemed like a knockoff Ratatat) and the only bit I really wanted to understand more about was the beat and they skipped the production of that entirely. Time to lobby max fun for longer episodes imo!
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I enjoyed this -- I've always liked the concept of Sound Exploder but they usually talk about songs I've never heard. This was already a favorite song so it was great to hear, although now that wrong note will bug me every time I hear it...
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