The Mindy Project: Christmas
December 11, 2014 8:37 AM - Season 3, Episode 11 - Subscribe

As the holidays approach, Mindy wonders if Danny is about to propose, and a case of mistaken identity leads Morgan on the perfect date.
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This was a great episode, and I love how far Mindy's come, when you compare this to "Christmas Party Sex Trap" - there was no ulterior motive, she really does want to see what she can do in her career. Danny's been a bit more tone-deaf than usual lately (after the great ending scene with the apartment last week, would he really have made that big deal out of his single burial plot?), but at least he made the right choice in the end. I love the callback to him writing a letter - first, to her in Haiti, then, with her on the plane from Santa Fe, where he realizes that the person for you needs to make you want to be your best self, and now sacrificing the next eight months to let Mindy be her best self.

I love the idea that this episode was "The Fellowship OR the Ring," which was driven home by Morgan pleading with Julia Stiles (who I'm enjoying here) that she hadn't told him how The Hobbit ended yet.

Enjoying Peter's "maturation" - again, I imagine that they're writing him off to be somewhere with Lauren, and I'm still sad he's leaving.

+1 for the "wreathwitherspoon" tag. It's really the nicest thing in Danny's apartment.

My husband (who bears a passing resemblance to many aspects of Dr. C, even his name) has been bugging me to watch a Ken Burns documentary with him for a bit, so I think I have to show him this.
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Why is Danny turning into a jerk? I said this on one of the other recaps, but he's a 40yo divorced New Yorker who at one point had dozens of women's phone number in his phone and his nudie photos shown in an art gallery. How is he this clueless about how to behave in this relationship? How in a million years would he think it's okay to tank Mindy's fellowship? I know he fixed it, but ugh! It's like they decided to give him weird reading glasses and drop everything that made Danny Castellano attractive and cool in Seasons 1 and 2. I'm starting to root for Mindy to go to SF and find another guy.

Everything else about the episode gave me the biggest grin, though.
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