The X-Files: Within (Part 1/2)   Rewatch 
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Newly promoted Deputy Director Alvin Kersh organizes a taskforce to hunt for the missing Mulder, and assigns Special Agent John Doggett to lead it, but Scully, who is haunted by visions of what might be happening to Mulder, searches for him with Skinner's help.
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A Scully who is terrified for a missing Mulder and who is experiencing pregnancy hormones is not a Scully to be messed with. She pulled a gun on her landlord and threw water in the face of the guy in charge of finding Mulder.

Did anyone else sense a trace of "what a woman" in Doggett's reaction to the water splash? I don't blame Scully for being angry, though. Doggett should not have tried to trick a fellow agent, and one who has lost her partner at that, by lying to her.

The "Skinner and Scully are suspects" thing is ridiculous. Come on, they've been working closely with Mulder for years, and while Skinner may have collared Mulder a few times when he got out of line, they clearly have nothing but the highest regard for him and the many people who have had contact with them would know that.

David Duchovny was making good mean face during his appearance as "ABH appearing as Mulder"".

Mulder added his sister's birth and death dates to his mother's tombstone, as well as his own. I find it so hard to believe he wouldn't have told Scully about his medical condition, though.

There was a member of the production crew who was electrocuted to death during this episode. Yikes.
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I think I finally got over my Robert Patrick ~ T-1000 thing but it was strong back in the day.

Doggett is being a dick and deserved it, but at least he didn't gloat too much when he shared Mulder's medical files.

Skinner and Scully - my read on it was that they're suspected of helping Mulder go missing. Mulder's in a ton of trouble.

Absolutely unbelievable that Mulder wouldn't share with Scully (or have her directly discuss the results with the specialist examining him), nor Scully not suspecting anything.

Triply odd, those lung beetles should have left Mulder severely disabled, perhaps for life.
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