Cabin by the Lake (2000)
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A screenwriter desperate to overcome writer's block resorts to extreme means to produce a script.

Stanley (Judd Nelson) is trying to write a script for a film about a serial killer who drowns women for his underwater "garden." Unable to write, Stanley begins abducting and drowning girls to help him develop the script.
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Hmm, is this streaming? I have a faint recollection of seeing this on TV many years ago.
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You can watch it for free on Youtube.
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Best part of the flick: Mallory learns that the motel bathtub is not a safe place to let your guard down.

Breakfast Club's Bender is a killer. He's the quiet type, but not like Michael Myers. He's no Hannibal Lector, either. He's just deadpan, in that bitter, nothing is serious/everything is sarcasm/no but really I'm serious kind of way. We spend less time with his character as the movie goes on—that's not a bad decision. He's not intriguing or mysterious. The movie itself doesn't disagree: Stanley argues against a deeper motivation for the killer. That meta defense against criticism is on-brand, but wouldn't it be a more interesting movie if they hadn't taken that route?
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The idea behind the film reminds me a bit of Evil Ed. That's a far better film on pretty much every level, but this movie has a special nostalgic place in my heart as I remember watching on syfy channel before everything was shark something something something.
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