The Lone Gunmen: Bond, Jimmy Bond   Rewatch 
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The Lone Gunmen are trying to find out who killed a fellow hacker. In the midst of their adventures they meet a not-so-bright football player named Jimmy Bond.

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I screwed up the timing with The X Files rewatch (currently s08e09); episodes 1-6 of TLG occurs during a hiatus of TXF between s08e14 and s08e15, then runs concurrently and TLG ends right after the s08 finale.

But one a day from here on out should sync up with TXF, give or take.

posted by porpoise at 11:42 AM on August 16, 2020

A cameo by the ever-so-prolific Hiro Kanagawa, who played three other different roles in 'The X Files.'

My speculation that Byers might have kept his day job to bankroll TLG doesn't hold up.

Super weird seeing Vancouver landmarks and flora again. So. Much. Leather. But that's about right for 2001.

Stephen Snedden's acting career never really amounted to much, but a good choice to write the character in.
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With a cameo appearance by, uh, me ... as the murder victim at the beginning of the episode, Alex Goldsmith. It was the first real acting gig I booked, and I didn't have any lines, but I did get to have squibs explode on me and a stunt performer as well. Not too shabby.
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Nice, dude!

I'm super curious about your experiences on set. I'm assuming that most of it was shot in Van, but NYC is credited as a location too.
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A few random factoids:

- For that scene, I was on set at various locations for 5 days, they just didn't get around to shooting it until the end.
- It was shot both on location and in a studio set. The house and balcony was in Burnaby ... maybe? ... and I did the wide shot there. Also the stunt performer's fall off the balcony was done on location. The rest was in the studio in North Vancouver.
- The tech who fitted me with the squibs explained that normally they would have blood packs in them, but in this case they couldn't use them, because the timeslot the show was in wouldn't allow that, so as he said, "it'll just look like you're full of dust."
- They asked me to bring in a bunch of pictures of myself as a child for set dressing, which you see later in the episode. Interestingly, a few years later, I was on another set as a background performer, an office set, and on a desk was one of my pictures in a frame. They had just been thrown into general props at the studio for set dressing.
- I didn't have much interaction with the Gunmen themselves, except for Dean, who chatted with me a bit on the set.
- Chris Carter was actually at my audition (the callback, not the initial call), but he didn't say or do much.
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"it'll just look like you're full of dust."

Weren't you on King Of The Hill too?

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