Critical Role: A Fog Lifted
August 20, 2020 1:05 PM - Season 2, Episode 106 - Subscribe

The Mighty Nein must now face the ramifications of their fight with Vokodo, both within the dangerous cavern itself and amongst the villagers of Vo...
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Looking back, it's really interesting to see how far the M9 has come as far as being caring people...the support they offer each other (Caleb & Yasha, Fjord (and the whole group) to Jester about the Traveller), that they offer to the NPCs here, is pretty remarkable.
posted by nubs at 10:20 AM on August 22, 2020 [1 favorite]

Very early on they joked about what amoral, selfish assholes the MIX were, or could be. But you're right, they've come a long way since then. I would put the beginning of the turn at the entry of Caduceus to the group; he's been their moral center ever since he joined.
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I think they might have started to gel a little before Cad, but also Molly dying brought them together, too. (Molly also had some attempts at corralling the team beforehand, though he did it in a completely different way).

Though also, if they'd manage to TPK in the boiling water after killing Vokoto I'd have been so pissed. Or die trying to get out of the cave. . .
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