Critical Role: Devoutness and Dicks
August 31, 2020 3:07 PM - Season 2, Episode 107 - Subscribe

With less than a week until Traveler Con, the Mighty Nein put on their party planning hats to prep Rumblecusp for the unruly event.
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"One punch girl"
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I admit, I'm not actually all that excited about TravelerCon anymore - it seems more like a coda to the rest of the Rumblecusp experience - but there were so many great scenes in this episode. Everyone putting their own spin on what they wanted to see - being so excited about killing that T-Rex - that scene with Jester and the Traveler and then the one with Vilya and Veth - that Coda.

I . . . don't want them to dig up Molly corpse after eight months and question him, but yeah, it looks like maybe the weird Eldritch floating city might be the end boss? Which means that also, Beau got a tattoo symbolizing a weird Eldritch floating city that she might end up fighting without realizing it.
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A looooot of dicks in this one.

We've been on the cusp of TravelerCon for so many episodes now and we know the plan and end goal so a lot of the mystery is gone, and I agree that it does feel like an epilogue to the Rumblecusp chapter rather than its own event. I will miss the mystery and anticipation.

However, there is absolutely no chance the actual event itself won't be utter chaos, intended and otherwise. It's all been more or less fun and games and there is a (somewhat) well-intentioned effort on part of the M9 to turn it into a positive event for all involved. I wouldn't put it past Matt to turn that onto its head amidst all the teases of the Big Bad (possible) end game.
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Yeah, I've been trying to pin down when Travelercon went from "this will be wild & exciting" to "meh"; I think a lot of the magic got lost once we knew it was Artagan, and the motive went from founding/starting a religion to Artagan just wanting to run away from the responsibility (which is fine and in keeping with Artagan as a character, but really feels at odds to me with the direction the group has evolved). Add in the mysteries of Rumblecusp and the now bizarre city on the Astral Plane, and this is left feeling like a deep breath before the plunge.

And hey, the players need a break from the hard and heavy, and nothing wrong with some fun and dick jokes.
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Yeah, I'm not saying that Matt won't tie Travelercon proper into the overall arc - he certainly can, and arguably he already has with Rumblecusp and Vokoto. But also, there's been so many emotional and fairly dark moments and heavy shit happening (remember how they just ended a war?) that having a festival/party episode also wouldn't be amiss.

Also, plenty of shit can go wrong that's not, like world ending. They running a convention! There's plenty of chances for stress and shenanigans, not to mention that other T-Rex.

Jester coming to terms that her god is a dick, but also her friend, but also an incredibly unreliable friend that might end up killing her one day has been interesting to watch, in a very 'oh honey sort of way. I don't know how this is going to end up, but if it ends up with people worshipping Jester, I'm kind of okay with that.
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