Lucifer: Our Mojo
August 23, 2020 4:37 PM - Season 5, Episode 7 - Subscribe

As a shocking side effect of his romance with Chloe throws Lucifer for a loop, the new couple pursues a murderer with a most unusual M.O.

*In the morning-after of their at-long-last night of consummation, Lucifer discovers that Chloe is now able to mojo him, and later that Lucifer can no longer mojo anyone.

*Murderer of the episode is a serial killer who injects his victims with a paralytic drug, then cuts their vocal chords so they die drowning in their own blood.

*Amenadiel begins the episode feeling purposeless, but realizes that he's fine with devoting himself entirely to being Charlie's father. Maze continues to struggle with her feelings over Lillith's abandonment, and her fears that her being a soulless demon means she's doomed to be alone, but gets a comforting pep talk from Amenadiel (after some sparring and kissing).

*Dan visits Charlotte's grave and breaks down, begging for a sign, and Michael makes an uber-angelic appearance and tells Dan there's a way for him to redeem himself and protect his loved ones from the devil.

*Chloe and Lucifer (and Ella and Pete, in their TNG costumes still from their Star Trek convention date) search the killer's apartment and discover the next victim lives in the same building. Chloe and Lucifer split up to search for her, and Lucifer gets injected with the paralytic, but Chloe arrives in time to shoot & capture the killer and save Lucifer. Back at the penthouse, she continues looking at the evidence as something about the case is nagging her, and they have another heart-to-heart about vulnerability and their relationship.

*Dan arrives at the penthouse and shoots at Lucifer.
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Some very nice Lucifer suits in this episode -- that purple one at the beginning, now, that's what I love to see. Loved the Maze/Amenadiel fight.

Almost couldn't believe that the writers finally put Lucifer and Decker in bed -- after so many teases over the seasons, I didn't entirely trust that they were having sex at the end of the previous episode, and that this episode wouldn't start with some contrived interruption. But I didn't expect the mojo twist, and I'm anxious to start the next episode and see what the aftermath of the shooting will be. Will try to hurry and finish the watch/post up asap in the next couple hours (gotta finish before it's time for tonight's Lovecraft Country).
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The suits and suit colours have been lovely since the noir episode. I think this is the one with that fabulous purple shirt (or maybe that's one of the later episodes), but I love that shirt.
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The mojo thing confused me greatly.

Did enjoy the con nerdery in this one.
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