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August 23, 2020 6:53 PM - Season 5, Episode 8 - Subscribe

Chloe learns a serial killer may have embellished his crimes. Amenadiel worries about his son's health. Pete opens up to Ella. (half-season finale)

*Dan shoots Lucifer in the chest, but Lucifer has become invulnerable in Chloe's presence.

*Chloe continues investigating the Klumpsky case, finding he only had a connection to the 4th victim, and is just a copycat, that the real 'Whisper Killer' is still out there. While Lucifer obsesses over the best way to get revenge on Dan, Chloe is kidnapped from her apartment.

*Ella and Lucifer try to find Chloe by following her leads, eventually finding the location of a new victim. Lucifer brings Maze into the case, and she wrings another lead out of Klumpsky, who had been corresponding with the original killer 'LilyMan85' on the 'Killshare' website, and who found his victims at restaurants. Lucifer finds he's gotten his mojo back when he and Maze need to convince a security worker to let them see the restaurant CCTV footage.

*Ella goes to Pete's place to get the research he'd offered her, only to find he's got a secret room full of lilies and syringes. When Pete gets home and realizes she's found him out, he tries to choke her, but she manages to stab him in the back with the paralytic drug. Ella interrogates him back at the station while Lucifer and Maze observe. After it's clear that Pete has no idea where Chloe is, they realize that it was Michael who took her, and Lucifer is able to get clues from Dan to find the abandoned zoo where he has her imprisoned and rescue her.

*Charlie has had a fever and been taken to the hospital by Amenadiel and Linda. It turns out to be just a cold, but Amenadiel realizes that means Charlie is just a regular human baby, not a celestial being.

*Back at the station, Chloe thanks everyone for rescuing her. She and Lucifer go to the evidence room to talk, as Michael managed to stir up her fears about the course of their relationship, and just as Lucifer begins to say that he loves her, time freezes.

*Lucifer find Amenadiel and berates him for freezing time at such an inopportune moment, but Amenadiel insists it wasn't on purpose. Michael arrives and Maze stands with him, saying that he was the one who told her about her mother's ring, and that he's promised her a soul. A four-way brawl ensues, ending when God himself appears and says "Children, you know I hate it when you fight."
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Yeah, that's good casting for God. I can get behind that.

Solid if not spectacular (half-)season all in all. Everyone had to have a handful of nice character and inter-character moments which were definitely the highlight as neither the A nor B-plots were all that compelling. Michael's manipulations were all a bit on the nose and he never quite made a compelling villain just a smarmy annoyance that everyone seemed far too willing to listen to.

Still, I'll watch Lucifer even when it is at its most Diablo!esque.
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Agreed. I'm curious to see how they can work God into the mix as an actual character rather than an abstract/unknown without killing the narrative. (Though I think I'm most looking forward to seeing how Maze interacts with him -- my money is on her picking a fight just for the Maze-ness of it all, especially if he doesn't grant her a soul ASAP, though I expect she's going to self-actualize one for herself by the end of the series.)
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As much as I appreciate Dennis Haysbert as a new Morgan Freeman I was hoping they would have been able to get Neil to do as a reprise of Once Upon a Time. But a trained actor is fine…I guess. ;) But since Dad has shown up does this mean we might get answers?

I will go away and laugh manically to myself now.
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I had to laugh at Lucifer's revenge-on-Dan idea board. The one comment that jumped right out at me (as I'm sure it was intended) was something to the effect of getting Dan's rear end tattooed. In DC comics lore, that's a famous bit of revenge and was something Swamp Thing did to John Constantine after Swampy borrowed John's human body to conceive Tefé with Abby. John had spent issues being just terrible to Swampy, so it was a very justified act from Swampy's perspective.
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I really should pay attention to the credits. The actor who plays Dan directed this one.
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I was disappointed that the serial killer was the nerdy good guy, it seemed a little telegraphed, but mostly it's just feeling sad for Ella.
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I was also rooting that Ella finally didn't fall for a "bad" guy. I feel so terrible for her.
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my twitter joke:

The next Allstate commercial: Are you in good hands? Because these are GOD'S hands.
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One guess for the last half of the season - we find out that the reason things are OK in Hell without out an angel to watch things is God put Lilith in charge.
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Anybody else hoping for a Maze spin-off series?
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When Dennis Haysbert showed up I assumed he was playing the voice of God. Like Alan Rickman's Metatron in the movie Dogma. However, doesn't agree with me.
posted by obol at 10:03 PM on September 10, 2020

I don't get the invulnerablity thing now. Or how Charlie is utterly normal when whoever-that-was sensed him as a new celestial earlier.

I am so bummed out for Ella I can't even start. It was too perfect...sigh.

God finally shows up and it's the Allstate guy and not Neil Gaiman?
posted by jenfullmoon at 8:42 AM on December 12, 2021

I just had a thought on where "prince of lies" comes from: presumably Michael impersonating Lucifer.
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