The X-Files: Essence (Part 1/2)   Rewatch 
August 26, 2020 7:34 PM - Season 8, Episode 20 - Subscribe

A seemingly unstoppable Billy Miles begins killing scientists performing genetic research on alien human hybrid babies, and then targets Scully.
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The pill bottle prop deliberately does not state the identity of the pills, just a Rx number and the bottles were always turned away, or thumbed over.

Messing with someone's meds should be at least felony aggravated assault.

Oh hi, Denise Crosby!

Billy Miles is actually kind of freaky as a MoTW, but too many parallels to T-1000. I thought that the escape action sequences were pretty tight and effective. Mulder coming through, but the plot wouldn't allow otherwise - and the plot was a little too pat?

I totally wouldn't trust Krycek even in those circumstances but needs must and only so far.

Not sure what to think about Reyes immediately bonding into the group. Lost soul who discovers a bunch of similar misfits who don't end up being jerks? I see a bit of my younger self mirrored in the character.
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I liked that, when Reyes and Frohike first see each other, Reyes' response to Frohike's hitting on her is to sternly take him to task for not checking through the peephole before letting her into Doggett's place. It took him down a peg. The Lone Gunmen think of themselves as being in the know regarding all sorts of conspiracies, and they can be paranoid, but they don't even practice common sense security measures. (I doubt it occurred to her that Forhike wasn't tall enough to see through it -- if she had, it would be a tactless thing to say, and I don't think Monica's insensitive.)

This two-parter is exciting and suspenseful, but it doesn't make a lot of sense. But then that's the mythology for you in a nutshell.

Scully's mother is so maddeningly manipulative. Remember that time she ambushed Scully by inviting Father McCue to a family dinner so he could talk to her about not having been to church lately? And now she hires a maid/nurse for Scully without her consent, and apparently also without having checked her background thoroughly. I'd be furious if I were Scully, but speaking from my personal experience of dealing with a mother who similarly ignores her daughter's boundaries, anything she says to her mother about this sort of behaviour will likely be ignored anyway.

I don't get what all the secrecy is about Mulder being the baby's father. It's absurd -- who would act that way, especially when everyone really knows anyway given the lack of other male candidates? It's implied that even Scully's mother doesn't know, which... what the fuck? Doesn't Scully realize that this baby is going to be their own person and that she's creating an abnormal, dysfunctional situation for a child, whose paternity won't be openly acknowledged? I don't believe this is something Scully would do. The show's taking the coyness over Mulder and Scully's relationship to ridiculous lengths. WE KNOW THEY BONED. JUST ADMIT IT.
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