1BR (2019)
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After leaving behind a painful past to follow her dreams, Sarah scores the perfect Hollywood apartment. But something is not right. Unable to sleep, tormented by strange noises and threatening notes, her new life quickly starts to unravel. By the time she learns the horrifying truth, it's too late. Caught in a waking nightmare, Sarah must find the strength to hold onto her crumbling sanity... or be trapped forever in an existential hell.

Currently streaming in the US on Netflix. 87% fresh on Rotten Tomatoes.
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This was like a less ambitious, earthier Midsommar. I dug it. And if the movie was a maybe three stars out of four kinda deal on the whole, the ending was chef's kiss perfect.
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It's a little bit Faults, a little bit Midsommar, a little Rosemary's Baby maybe... and if it isn't nearly as highbrow or thematically precise as that list, it's still a good film.
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I saw this last night. It was a good movie, if a bleak one. I'm always especially affected by movies where people are fucking with the lead character's mind, because I know I'd be susceptible to that in their situation.

I found it too much of a stretch though that none of those people would ever break free. Some of them must leave the apartment complex sometimes, and they were never screw it, I'm not living this life, and I'm going to the police? Or just run away? I suppose the leaders make sure to implicate the new recruits as soon as possible, the way they tried to do with Sarah and her friend Lisa, to make sure that anyone with the freedom to go to the police wouldn't be innocent.

Also, I was glad that my cat, who watched part of this movie with me from a comfortable position on the extra pillows on my bed, didn't come into the room until I was past the point of Sarah, uh, experiencing the consequences of breaking the terms of her lease. He doesn't need to see that.
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Trivia: Janice is played by Naomi Grossman, probably best known to horror aficionados as Pepper the microcephalic woman from American Horror Story.
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