The X-Files: Nothing Important Happened Today (Part 1/2)   Rewatch 
August 28, 2020 7:28 PM - Season 9, Episode 1 - Subscribe

Mulder vanishes, and Scully is on maternity leave with Baby William to care for, but Doggett asks for her help as he and Reyes investigate the death of an EPA official who drowned after his car was forced off a bridge by a woman he picked up in a bar.
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Shiney new intro. Loud.

Appreciate the explicit reference to injuries sustained, on Doggett.

Cary Elwes felt like a really strange casting choice. But of course, they needed someone within a league of Annabeth Gish's conventional physical attractiveness at a reasonable age. Brad feels almost like a Spender retread with a dash of Krycek.

Lucy Lawless is incredibly badass. The supersoldier idea is interesting, but it feels like a different show that's lumbering along due to institutional inertia (making the studio money) rather than exploring the idea of X Files.

Going through the episode list, there are a couple/ few X Files but it looks like the rest are winding down the Conspiracy. Three episodes (of 19) have IMDB scores above 8, but none below 7.

Reyes' trenchcoat is a very nice piece of leather.
posted by porpoise at 12:41 PM on August 30, 2020

Mythology, my ass. I don't even want to bother commenting on it at this point. I do appreciate the fact that there is a female super soldier.

I never realized that Brad Follmer was Cary Elwes until... this rewatch. But then I first saw The Princess Bride in 2006. On this rewatch, I keep waiting for him to say "As you wish," to Monica.

William is listed as "William Scully III" in the credits on the Wikia page for this entry. And he was played by 5 different babies.

Annabeth Gish wears black leather better than Gillian Anderson. There, I said it. I never liked to see Scully in black leather jackets. It's too severe and harsh-looking a style for her. Annabeth Gish was born to wear black leather. Reyes' style, while still simple, unadorned, and unfussy, as befits an FBI agent in Washington D.C., is younger and sexier than Scully's. She shows more skin in sleeveless tops and lower cut tops, she sleeps in black lace briefs (what a huge contrast with Scully's buttoned-up pajamas). I would hate to see Scully dressing like that, but it suits Reyes so perfectly.

That shot of Shannon grabbing Doggett's ankle and pulling him down in the water was pretty compelling.
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