The X-Files: Nothing Important Happened Today II (Part 2/2)   Rewatch 
August 29, 2020 7:50 PM - Season 9, Episode 2 - Subscribe

Scully, Doggett, and Reyes are led to a ship where they find evidence of experimentation on human embryos.
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The decoded message is a bit curious. That it was decoded by hand suggests an old school one time pad (totally legit), but the formatting isn't consistent nor is the header and footer. Anyone know if that was just a gibberish prop or actually based on something?

Cool scene between McMahon and Doggett, but entirely implausible due to autonomic reflexes after he had already passed out.

Reyes talks to Scully on a first name basis, Doggett remains all "Agent Scully." But Reyes did deliver William. But she's all Brad, when talking to Brad too.

Not sure what Brad was trying to accomplish emphasizing Mister Doggett, in the elevator conversation.

I wonder who Scully has to babysit William on such short notice. I guess there's her mom. Does one even let kids that young get babysat?

This particular kind of lab in a ship makes absolutely no sense. When doing single cell microinjections (by mouth! to create the gigaohm seal between the needle and the cell), without an air table (none in sight), even a fridge with a wonky compressor kicking in at the wrong time can ruin the procedure.
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The AV Club review for this two-parter has some interesting thoughts on how this show lost much of its appeal after 9/11. I'd have to agree. This show could never have been launched after 2001 or since, because no one would have the stomach for crazy conspiracies in a world where the people buying into conspiracy threats are the reactionaries looking for an excuse not to vote for qualified, non-white supremacist leaders who believe in science and evidence-based planning.

Not sure what Brad was trying to accomplish emphasizing Mister Doggett, in the elevator conversation.

It's an effort to undermine/unsettle him by emphasizing his status as a disgraced agent who had had to hand in his badge and gun.

Brad clearly sees Doggett as a rival for Monica's affections, which makes him extra antagonistic. He's the kind of dick who would act that way (dude, it's not about defeating another man, it's about respecting what Monica chooses), while Doggett, who has probably also picked up on the fact that Brad and Monica have a past, would be maybe a little wary around him but otherwise treat him professionally.

Eerie moment with the mobile turning by itself. They had the squeaking playing over the credits.
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I thought that the mobile setup and payoff worked well; Scully was suspicious that William might be controlling the mobile, but the episode ends with a similar shot only the mobile isn't so mobile - but then the audience gets teased aurally after the fade to black.
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