Critical Role: Traveler Con
September 7, 2020 2:46 PM - Season 2, Episode 108 - Subscribe

With their preparations finished and the day upon them, it's time for the Mighty Nein's greatest challenge yet... the celebration of Traveler Con!
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Have not watched the episode yet, but typing in the title made me think about this whole thing with the Traveler being a con...
posted by nubs at 2:47 PM on September 7, 2020

I enjoyed this! Very silly in spots - I particularly enjoy it when Matt gets the giggles.

I think there was a nice twist, will be interesting to find out whether the Traveler really has had his wings clipped at all. I'm also looking forward to.. whatever happens next.

The war is over!
Traveler Con is Conned!
There's.. a weird city now? I guess? But also... so many council members to unearth
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I kinda wish the Traveller had actually gotten carted back to the Feywild, or wherever. It would've prompted some really interesting development for Jester, especially since none of the other party members tried to stop it (and rightfully not).

Lots of great character interactions. I especially enjoyed the ones between Beau and Fjord. It's interesting how Caleb is trying to keep Veth with the group when she's so clearly ready to retire. I'm interested in how that tension plays out.
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It hadn't really struck me until now but yeah, 108 episodes in and there is a likely end point for, if not the entire Mighty Nein, at least individual members.

The idea of an "end" is feeling far more real, especially as quite a few of the character arcs are becoming less about facing their pasts and more about defining their futures. The talk between Fjord and Beau being a great example.

Veth's no longer a goblin, Clay found his family, Beau confronted her family and is an expositor, Caleb has somewhat come to terms with his trauma & past, Yasha got her wings, Jester knows and (mostly) accepts who and what The Traveler is and Fjord is mostly free of Ukotoa (though that's not entirely resolved yet)....

I'm definitely with you coriolisdave in that I'm looking forward to whatever is next. There are still plenty of threads and adventures to have but I'm less sure where this is headed now at least from a character stand point. It's exciting in its own way.
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I have to admit that I am kind of relieved that we are through Traveller Con. I don't think I ever cared about it quite as much as the rest of the fandom. It felt like an afterthought to what became the more interesting (to me) story about Vokodo. Agree with Emily's Fist that there might have been a missed opportunity to take Jester in an interesting character direction.

I am curious to see where things go. I want to learn more about Fjord's reticence to follow up the one quest they were offered. I do think that while Caleb has grown a lot, he's still going to be looking to get a bit more closure on his experience with Trent and the Cerberus Assembly.
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This kind of feels like the point in the last campaign when Matt dropped the Conclave on them; I was actually expecting that kind of moment in this episode. But this campaign is being a lot more player driven, and Matt seems content to take his cues from the group on what they want to explore, while still having lots of stuff happening in the background that they can go after.

It is at interesting inflection point, where the characters have maybe largely dealt with their pasts (except Caleb), come to terms with where they are now, and are realizing they have the ability and power to really shape the future of things to come for themselves or on a larger scale...
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I was thinking that too, Nubs, along with wondering if we were headed towards a time skip. But on the other hand, we have a number of possible threads that were mentioned in the episode, stuff that it doesn't really make sense for them to sit on without doing anything. The Nine Eyes does seem like a possible endgame to head towards to, there's Caleb wanting to clear out the assembly, there's more Chained Oblivion and cult stuff still out there - while I could see this as a possible endpoint for some of the characters, there's still a lot more story to go.

Not to mention the hag, the golden dick lady, and so many chairs. . .
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I also thought the Traveler should have been punished more. I would guess going forward things might change between them as the fallout settles, but it might have been nice to have a clear visible change...
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