The Babysitter: Killer Queen (2020)
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I agree with all the bad reviews - after only just having watched the first movie recently, I was hoping the sequel would be as entertaining, but, oof, not a fun watch. They should have made getting the screenwriter back a higher priority than getting the director back. Oh well.
posted by oh yeah! at 2:26 PM on September 11, 2020

Okay, that’s pretty definitive! I was considering watching this with my partner and her young horror-aficionado son, because we enjoyed the first one, but I am convinced otherwise.
posted by ejs at 8:59 PM on September 11, 2020

As usual, critics gave a schlocky B movie poor reviews. Never trust critic reviews for movies like this unless they have a track record for reviewing bad movies. The tomatometer having this thing as critic 41% and audience 74% is exactly what you want to see when picking a B movie to watch.

This was an incredibly stupid B movie that knows it is trash and leans into it with camp and quips. It is at its worst when it tries for any semblance of sincerity and at its best when it does things like have someone block an escape by hammer-dancing. It tries just enough for these things to feel incongruous, which gives it that WTF je ne sais quoi that makes you look at your group of b movie fans stop for a second and go, "Did they really just shout 'silence, rapist!' while popping out of nowhere with a flamethrower?"

This breezed by and had enough stupidity and cgi gore to keep me interested. I think the Scott Pilgrim style flourishes weigh it down a bit, but overall they were fine except for one video game style fight scene that I don't think worked at all.

Certainly not good, but it is bad in the right ways.
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This was an incredibly stupid B movie that knows it is trash and leans into it with camp and quips.

I'm not so sure it knew it was trash though - it felt to me like the movie thought it was smarter/funnier than it really was. Also, I was reminded of the MST3K of that Raul Julia 'Memory Bank' movie with the Casablanca references where they're like 'why would you remind the audience about a great movie inside your terrible movie?'. There's a line between homage/sample and lifting things wholesale, and Killer Queen went pretty far over the line. Using the Tangerine Dream 'Risky Business' music, having Cole do John Cusack's crazy-hitchhiker dialogue from 'The Sure Thing'? Maybe they were trying to be meta, or considered them Easter eggs for us children of the 80's, but, I found it off-putting.

Granted, I am not a B-movie/horror buff - I probably like the horror movies I like in spite of them being horror rather than seeking out the genre on purpose. But I definitely think the first movie had something that this one didn't.
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I love B horror movies. Love 'em. This was not an enjoyable watch. I agree with oh yeah! that the movie thought it was smarter than it was. I ended up watching Toxic Avenger II last night as part of an online watch party and if you want silly campy trash that's a much better film.
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I'm with forbiddencabinet, this was fun trash. Specifically, it is the kind of horror sequel trash made by people who truly love trashy horror sequels.
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