Mad Men: Far Away Places   Rewatch 
December 14, 2014 4:33 AM - Season 5, Episode 6 - Subscribe

Peggy is rattled by a pitch while Don visits a potential client.
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What is it about a Howard Johnson's restaurant that causes people to fight?
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Alternate description: Megan eats dessert; Roger watches the World Series; Peggy washes her hands.
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I'm really loving Roger's trip. The structure of the episode - focusing on couple at a time - lets us treat Roger and Jane with the seriousness they take themselves. I think cross-cutting would have made it too jokey.
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And Cooper is the only one to call out Don. The only one who can.
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I was going to point out how Peggy was channeling Don in the pitch, but apparently, her whole story in this episode is supposed to be her trying to do what Don would do (and learning that it doesn't work for her).
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To this day, I still sometimes answer the phone like Peggy: PIZZA HOUSE!
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The commentary for this episode, with Matt Weiner, John Slattery, Elisabeth Moss, and Jon Hamm, is funny and just all around great.

Weiner says that the part for the guy in the movie theater for the casting call was called "hand job recipient." Slattery: "I tried to get an audition for it, but they wouldn't see me."

Concerning the hand job scene, Elisabeth Moss: "What I actually was most embarrassed about, I wanted to say like, 'Just so everyone knows, this is not how I would do this. I'm much better than this." She had the guys cracking up over this.
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Just mentioning how much I love this episode and also how the somewhat strict formalism of the show allows it to be broken in werid ways like this.
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