Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Election 2020
October 6, 2020 12:59 AM - Season 7, Episode 25 - Subscribe

This week, again from the White Void of Sad Facts: Trump comes down with COVID-19 in an epic display of poetic justice. And Now: Newscasters Trying To Have Fun With What Month It Is. The main story is the election, now coming in less than a month. Remember: in most states, you don't have to vote on election day or rely on the mail to count your ballot, you can vote at home and hand it to your registrar. Go to for information on how to vote in your state, perhaps doing so early to take pressure off of voting systems. And Now: People Miss A Lot Of Things Due To The Pandemic. Finally, museums are experiencing significant issues during the pandemic, with around a third of them expected to close forever. To attempt to help them out, Last Week Tonight is offering to donate money to museums that sponsor their tour of paintings, including the rat erotica they bought, Lisa Kudlow's tie paintings, and a painting of Wendy Williams enjoying a lamb chop. Direct queries to john[at]johnoliverhasyourraterotica[dot]com.

On the election I'd like to say: We can do it! It's possible everyone! We can throw Donald Trump out of office and into the trash! And we can deny his feeble attempts to remain in office despite being voted out!

On "Get Your Booty To The Poll," Metafilter linked to it from the front page just a few days ago.

On refuting Trump's claims of election fraud:
"Mail found inn Greenville ditch did not incude Wisconsin ballots," Milwaukee Journal Sentinal, 1 October 2020.
"Luzerne County's Response to the Requested Investigation of UMOVA Ballots," [PDF], County of Luzerne, PA website, 25 September 2020.
"Some Fairfax County Voters Received 2 Mail-In Ballots," NBC Channel 4 Washington D.C., 24 September 2020.

Some other useful stories referenced in the episode:
"5 things to do to keep your ballot from rejection," NBC News, 3 September 2020.
News story about ballot rejection, NBC Bay Area We Investigate via, 14 March 2020.
"Clerks brace to count record number of absentee ballots," WOOD TV Channel 8, Grand Rapids, Michigan, 3 August 2020.

I tried finding the CNN clip of the difficulties of counting mail-in ballots, and the possibility that mail-in votes may cause a "blue shift" after election day as ballots are counted, but my search engine usage powers could not locate a definitive source. I leave it to others to try to find it.

46 states offer ballot tracking, which you can use to make sure, once you've voted, that it was actually counted. PC Magazine offers a guide on how to track your absentee ballot.

F.37: "Wallace Overwhelmus," CHRIS WALLACE
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Fuck Wendy Williams.
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I forgot to link the Youtube link to the main story again. Here it is.
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