Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: The World Health Organization
October 19, 2020 1:48 AM - Season 7, Episode 26 - Subscribe

Main story: the World Health Organization, Trump's stupid blaming them for the pandemic, and his decision to pull the U.S. out of it, which takes effect in July if nothing else changes (say in two weeks), and which could have huge consequences. It has 194 member states, nearly every country on Earth, but not the US if Trump's plans are not thwarted. On YouTube (19m) And Now: There's An Old Saying In Politics. Finally an update on Danbury, Connecticut, which is naming a sewage plant after John Oliver in exchange for donations to local food banks. At the end is the show's first location piece since the pandemic began (don't worry, John Oliver was wearing protection).

Adam Driver:
"Dislocate my ankles, you rusty cello!"
"Tie my fingers in a square knot, you emotionally-unavailable water tower!"

Old sayings in politics:
"You gotta dance with the girl what brung ya."
"Fish always flop around before they die."
"Summer is for dating, Fall is for mating."
"When you are whining, you are not winning."
"The guilty dog barks the loudest."
"Fear the turtle."
"There is nothing in the middle of the road except yellow lines and dead armadillos." (three times)

F.37: "Shreddus Legendarium," EDDIE VAN HALEN
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The Danbury piece was an excellent tonic to the regular in-depth piece, which as always was good and incredibly depressing. I've been waiting for an update and whether the naming would really go through, and I actually laughed out loud at John's PPE suit and how they filmed that. His reactions to their reactions have made me so happy. If I'm ever in Connecticut (I will never be in Connecticut), I would definitely visit the John Oliver Sewage Treatment Plant.
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John's joy at getting his name on a poop plant made me smile.
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I'm still not sure why he picked a fight with Danbury (usually he has reason for his fights, but not here that I can really tell), but I'm happy that he's happy with the result.
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