Pride and Prejudice - A New Musical (2020)
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Sparks fly when spirited Elizabeth Bennet meets single, rich, and proud Mr. Darcy. (Musical adaptation of the Jane Austen novel, by Tony Award nominee Paul Gordon)
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I watched this on the streamingmusicals website back in April when it had its 'opening night' livestream, but just noticed today that it's now up on amazon prime (along with Paul Gordon's "Emma" musical adaptation, which I haven't watched yet).

Anyway, I enjoyed this adaptation. I don't think it's perfect - there were a few spots where I was jarred by the lack of verbatim-Austen - but I think Justin Mortelliti gives good Darcy, and they managed to boil down the story to stage-musical length without it feeling choppy.
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WHAT???!! A PRIDE AND PREJUDICE MUSICAL???? Oh my lord; it'll be a few days until I can settle into this but thank you for this knowledge!
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Hope you like it! Paul Gordon's "Jane Eyre" musical was one of my all-time-favorite Broadway shows, I so wish there was good pro-level recording of that show. I don't think the music in this one is as memorable or emotionally stirring, but some of them are catchy enough to keep rattling around in my head for a bit after watching the show.
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