Critical Role: The Chase Begins
October 19, 2020 3:21 PM - Season 2, Episode 112 - Subscribe

While preparing to journey to Eiselcross, the Mighty Nein find themselves torn as they uncover a pressing mystery about a friend thought lost...
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Henry Crabgrass is one of those spur of the moment NPCs that becomes amazing.
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The seafaring has been my favourite parts of the M9's adventures so getting back to Fjord's background and the dangling Uk'otoa Uk'otoa plot thread is very exciting. I also love Travis as a roleplayer so getting him front and centre in a position to lead and face the consequences for past actions is just *chef's kiss* for me.

Also, I have massive respect for Matt for throwing this in the mix just as the whole group has a very clear objective in going north and pursuing Molly. Forcing hard choices and making powerful characters feel vulnerable is so important in both RPGs and storytelling.

That this all happened in the same session as Henry the No Grabass Consent Crabgrass is a microcosm of why Critical Role is one of my favourite pieces of media entertainment.
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So, an Oath of the Open Sea paladin who really shouldn't go on the sea...
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(and for the curious, the Oath of the Open Sea homebrew)
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Henry Crabgrass was a delight, and I found it interesting that he was brought up just after Matt was plugging the Pirates of the Leviathan show - he felt a lot like a Brennan Lee Mulligan NPC - both in voice and personality. (This is a good thing!)

I'm still waiting on tenterhooks for the Lucien/Molly confrontation, even if I understand why they'd choose not to message him. Matt is also doing a very good job of making Vess seem horrible, if horrible in an incredibly banal, recognizable way. Don't mess with Pumat. :(

The Avantika reveal was amazing, too - especially with the amber necklace shattering. Something tells me that Vess isn't going to be sympathetic with eldritch monster-based delays. . .
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