Fargo: Camp Elegance
October 27, 2020 3:32 AM - Season 4, Episode 6 - Subscribe

Loy attacks, Gaetano pays the price, Oraetta goes crazy, Josto challenges authority and Rabbi risks his life.
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I enjoyed the thinking behind Gaetano's hit abduction, or at least the setup. Though they didn't have a good idea on how to actually accomplish the duct part of the abduction. Guess the low caliber bullet glanced off his skull at a shallow angle.

At first, I thought the guy who was going to execute Loy's son had shot himself putting his gun away too quick.
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The Vulture review leads off by claiming that TwitchyCopGuy is in the pockets of both parties, when.. that really wasn't my takeaway?

He's in with the mob, but was bullied by the AM crew into giving up Gaetano was how I thought that all went down?
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I think he's trying to avoid everybody - even the police force, to a certain extent. What makes the situation different from Red Harvest / Yojimbo / Fistful of Dollars is the sheer number of loose cannons rolling around, even the ones with some kind of supposed affiliation: Gaetano, Rabbi and Odis are supposedly team Fadda, but at best semi-detached; Oraetta and Ethelrida only theoretically aligned; Zelmare and Swanee are operating under duress; The Fargo mob are supposedly beholden to Loy, but I don't trust them for a nanosecond.

I don't know how much there is to say about the episode specifically - it's into the period of maximum plot-thickening - but I'm still enjoying the series hugely. That Rolling Stone review is hugely annoying - I don't need to read that many words about how clever the reviewer thinks he is, and won't in the future.
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