Fargo: The Nadir
November 10, 2020 7:44 AM - Season 4, Episode 8 - Subscribe

Loy plays with fire, Josto wears his heart on his sleeve, Oraetta makes a surprising discovery and Deafy closes in on Zelmare and Swanee.
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It sounded like Oraetta was a childhood victim of munchausen by proxy.
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Yes, and Josto was abused by old man Milligan (as was Rabbi, one presumes). And Odis has been possessed by OCD from childhood. And the Roulette women are haunted by this as-yet-unexplained ghoul. Oraetta has gone on to express Munchausen-by-proxy in her choice of official and unofficial career. Lots of generational curses.
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Enjoyed the split screens in the shootout. Used sparingly as it has been, it can be effective.

Didn't expect Gaetano's turn, but ... it makes sense.
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I'm still annoyed that they keep mixing up macaron and macaroon.
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For some reason I woke up this morning thinking that that wedding isn't going to end well. There is tremendous scope for something going very wrong with the catering, for example.

Another thing that runs through this series is the misattribution of deaths - the person or phenomenon thought to have caused a death is actually not the real cause, even if (in the case of a person) they might not be described as "innocent". In this episode, for example, there's the assumption that the poisoning of Dr Harvard is related to the shooting; one might expect that Zelmare takes the blame for the killing of Deafy; goodness knows how the attack on the Fadda house will be attributed although there aren't enough alternative sources of violence to make it confusing.
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