Friends at the Table: PARTIZAN 37: The Gravity of Absence & 38: The Red Light
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Having returned from his audience on the Reflecting Pool, Sovereign Immunity briefs his SBBR and their allies on the impending arrival of what the Witch in Glass would only refer to as "the Red Light." WIth only one day to prepare, SBBR stalls out, torn on whether to accept their longtime foe's offer of sanctuary or to take their chances on their own. For newcomers Kalar Anakalar and Phrygian, this is both a worry and an opportunity. SBBR may not have the heroic verve that the stories said they did, but that only means that its in need of a push.

This time on friends at the table, will they or won't they (bother to save anybody).

Thisbe is the socially adept one
Millie likes sabotage
Broun has a van
Sovereign is not the socially adept one
Kalar buys some stamps
Phrygian wants to know who your favorite horse is
The Figure In Bismuth is easily tricked into sabotage

Austin, Janine, Sylvia, Ali, Art, Jack, Keith, Andrew
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The deal was "give me the heart and an eye and I'll let you on" and then they... forgot to give Clem the heart? Did they gloss over that when I was distracted or did they literally not do that?
posted by fomhar at 7:10 PM on October 27, 2020

I'm pretty sure the heart is still with the church on the Isles of Logos, far from Oxbridge. IIRC they briefly discussed if they even had the authority or ability to give Clem the heart and the consensus was ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
posted by Mr.Encyclopedia at 9:10 PM on October 27, 2020

Well, I guess I know what the next arc is going to be.

Not really into Bismuth yet but I guess he hasn't done much. Definitely into Kalar and Phrygian being confused together, strolling around, asking everyone what's going on. It felt like the best parts of the old Lem/Fero dynamic.

Broun's intense disaster vibe has really grown on me.
posted by fomhar at 7:34 PM on October 28, 2020

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