Friends at the Table: PARTIZAN 39-41: Escape Velocity, Engine Burn, Orbital Decay
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In a hanger on a beach on the Isles of Logos, Kal'Mera Broun, Jesset City, Ver'Million Blue, Thisbe, Eiden Teak, Avar, Ryrira, and Si'Dra Balos stand around a spaceship. In just over a week, if all goes to plan, they will be inside of it and it will be outside of the Partizan system.  First, though, they'll need to secure a launch platform, get past security checkpoints on and off world, and ensure the safety of not only themselves but the materials they'll need to actually build something wherever they end up. If, that is, they decide they want to build anything together at all... This week on PARTIZAN: Escape Velocity

The Society of Banners and Bring Returns goes to space today! Turns out you can't outrun all your problems even if you're going forty thousand miles an hour.

Milli goes outside for some fresh air

Thisbe is Vin Diesel is Kindergarten Cop

Broun is eager to make the sale

Austin, Ali, Sylvia, Janine
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Ali reflexively jumping into freelancer mode was great. I wish they'd kept it in and just had milli say "I thought you didn't get more printed because you're leaving the planet" or something.

I was so fucking relieved when they spent all of their drive clocks at the end. Handing over the notes, having several characters consciously representing different factions, that whole exchange in some ways justified the season. I really love that there's a mechanic to guarantee that the world changes for the better or a character gets to live happily ever after.

Although, on that note, next mission better go great or Leap's retirement might get rocky.
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So the problem is there's a secret Portcullis gate inside Girandole's atmosphere, and the Pact has a ton of ships around it, and they're going to use it to attack and dethrone God? And the good guys are now in possession, temporarily at least, of the normal non-secret Partizan Portcullis?

Seems like the most obvious solution is to use the Partizan Portcullis to send something nasty to the secret Portcullis, either a bomb or a team sent to infiltrate and destroy. The two seem to be on the same network, given that they used their mastery of one Portcullis to discover the other. I wonder if this will be addressed in the show, or if any of the friends have thought of this themselves.
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