The Adventure Zone: Graduation Ep. 28: Business Plan
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Time to answer some questions. Time to make some plans. Time for everything to change.
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"Actually capitalism is the problem" is an unexpected but not surprising development. It'll be interesting to see if they can turn Grey to their side after they explain he's just a patsy in a bigger plot, and is expected to take the fall. It's also interesting how strenuously the object to Order/Chaos's plan, given that they agree with the basic premise that the current system is rigid and corrupt. At least they attempted to negotiate a less extreme solution before Order stamped his foot and insisted on no deviation from the chosen plan.

I also feel like, FWIW, Travis's DMing has improved quite a bit. It's a learning process, and he's been in touch with other DMs like Austin Walker and it seems like he's taking the lessons to heart. I'm sure what's currently happening is far from what he originally envisioned, but that's Actual Play, baybee.
posted by Mr.Encyclopedia at 7:55 PM on October 29, 2020

"Actually capitalism is the problem" is an unexpected but not surprising development.

The shocking thing is that this wasn’t the direction Travis was planning on! I can’t believe he didn’t have the HOG in mind for the actual big bad. I’m so glad Justin and Griffin wrested control of the story away from him, and I will credit Travis’s DMing improvement for letting them do it; Travis of early episodes wouldn’t have gone along with it. Killer killer story advancement from Justin; I was delighted at that monologue.
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Really been pleased with the last several episodes! It's been nice hearing Travis kind of gradually get a feel for how to handle GMing without railroading the players (which Griffin got a lot of flak for, I think unfairly). It's great to feel like maybe this might actually be going somewhere now, too.
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