Bad Hair (2020)
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A black young woman is pressured to change her hair when she gets a new boss at her job at a cable channel.

In 1989 an ambitious young black woman gets a weave in order to succeed in the image-obsessed world of music television. However, her career and new hair may come at a very steep price.

Written and directed by Justin Simien.
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(Sorry, kind of a meta-comment here: I appreciate all the horror movies you put up during October, miss-lapin! I haven't been able to track many of them down, but I do plan to search a bunch of them out and retroactively comment later. I was a little meh on Dear White People and I feel slightly meh after watching the trailer for Bad Hair, so this may not be the first, but anyways I'm grateful to see an interesting selection of horror movies to look through.)
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Thank you for the appreciation. I forgot to mention Bad Hair is streaming on Hulu. Some of the movies I've posted were part of film festivals, which means they may not be available in the US yet.
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I thought this was fun and wonderful. It was campy in the best way. A little gross at times but in a fun way. I'm glad I watched it and would recommend other people to watch it.
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