Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: US Election 2020
November 9, 2020 3:13 AM - Season 7, Episode 29 - Subscribe

This week, the white void is a cheerier place. Launching in with the main story, the 2020 Election, and Joe Biden's election to US President, denying Donald Trump a second term. We take some time to celebrate that (including 30 seconds of awesome octopus facts). On YouTube (27m) And Now: At The End Of A Long, Exhausting Week: Dumps.

The Trump campaign is looking for signs of election shenanigans, and requests that people with examples of visual proof to go to LWT, noting that the political term for messing with elections is ratfucking, suggests a particular image that people could send.

If you're in Georgia and would like to request an absentee ballot for the runoff in January, you can do so here.

The white void: "Fun fact, just a zoomed-in portion of this 'I Voted' sticker. Which is great! Unfortunately, that sticker is attacked to James Woods, which is very much, not."

The 2020 Election: "Or, as it's known to horses, just another week. Look at them! They have no clue! Hot idiots!"

F.37: "Potus No Motus," WE GOT HIM
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I'm pretty sure that someone on the LWT writing staff watched My Octopus Teacher, because I did, and that 30 seconds of celebration and octopus facts was nirvana.
posted by gladly at 11:31 AM on November 9, 2020

My only complaint - it might have been cheap and lazy but I really wanted to see the big red button make a come-back this week.
posted by mce at 12:19 PM on November 9, 2020 [3 favorites]

It didn't in a literal sense, but it did in a way. Check out what the image was for F. 37 in the introduction!
posted by JHarris at 5:52 PM on November 9, 2020 [1 favorite]

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