The Crown: Avalanche
November 25, 2020 9:58 AM - Season 4, Episode 9 - Subscribe

Charles is caught in a deadly avalanche, and he and Diana are prompted to reevaluate their commitment to their troubled marriage.

According to History Extra, Charles was able to ski to safety following the avalanche, and there was even an investigation into who might have been at fault as their was a regional avalanche warning in place.

Diana did dance to Uptown Girl in 1985, at a private Christmas gala for supporters of the Royal Ballet, not for Prince Charles' birthday.
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Wayne Sleep talks about THAT DANCE routine with b&w stills but no video although he goes over the steps...8 curtain calls.
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The Uptown Girl storyline really startled me but seemed too preposterous to be a show invention. I grew up inside the Billy Joel Radius (and era, for obligatory awareness and some degree of fondness) so it is always shocking when there’s evidence of his popularity further away than the tri-state area around NY.
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Billy Jo-El omg hysterical.
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Re the death of the queen being "London Bridge", Charles being "Menai Bridge" and Prince Philip being "Forth Bridge" - I find it amusing that the polite code words are now so well known as to be immediately useless for any media people who monitor the royal family.

"Up Town Girl" - was a big hit in the UK. They say that Billy Joel wrote it after hanging out with Christine Brinkley, Whitney Houston and Elle Macpherson - all of whom tower over "down town man" by several inches. This was also the case with Wayne Sleep (5 foot 2) and Diana (5 11).
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Anne nailed it: he's older than his age, she's younger than hers, they don't get each other, it's almost Gift of the Magi on the "I'm trying to relate to you but giving you something I would be into" thing.

Charles looking like he's about to throw up or turn into stone as he digs out his paper and Diana's all "I want to save the marriage!" Oy.

I get the feeling that Emma Corrin may not be much of a dancer since they cut around her dance performance so awkwardly and it didn't look like she was doing much beyond flashing leg.
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I remember reading an article that quoted Diana's dance partner regarding her performance. He said Diana wanted to do it as a surprise for her husband, that she kept looking up at Charles during her performance, and that he did seem amused and pleased by it. Of course, Charles may have been just putting a good face on it.... or his angry reaction in this episode may have been fiction.

Leave it to Anne to sum up her brother's marriage in the most brutally concise and incisive way possible.

It's hilarious that Queen Elizabeth didn't know who Billy Joel was, and that Prince Philip did.
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