Let's talk Earthsea schedule
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I'm thinking monthly for the remaining five books, but I'm open to other ideas.

If we did, say, first Friday monthly, then going from the first book (Dec. 4), we'd have:
  • Jan. 1: The Tombs of Atuan
  • Feb. 5: The Farthest Shore
  • Mar. 5: Tehanu
  • Apr. 2: Tales from Earthsea
  • May 7: The Other Wind
After that, there's always the standalone Earthsea stories (if you have the Big Book, they'll be in there). I am loathe to suggest the misbegotten Sci-Fi and Studio Ghibli adaptations, but if there's interest, I suppose we could subject ourselves to them.
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Can we maybe push back a couple days from Jan. 1? While we probably won't be out celebrating yet, or traveling much, it's a busy time of year. Maybe Monday 1/4, give us the weekend? Or I'll just be a little late to the fun, no worries.
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Good idea!
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Any dates are fine with me.

I'm not interested in the movies and have a really hard time watching things right now (lots of competition for that screen, plus exhaustion after child bedtime) so this is a vote against.

Are the standalone stories online anywhere? Could links be part of future posts?

Thank you for organizing, Cash4Lead!
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I believe the standalone stories ("The Rule of Names", "The Word of Unbinding", "The Daughter of Odren", "Firelight") are all available as Kindle Singles. I'll see if there are some non-Amazon options out there.
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Thank you Cash4Lead!

Any date is fine for me, though I quite like pushing back January, if only to have something to look forward to as I go back to work on the 4th :)

I have a pretty poor attention span for most films/shows anyway, so will probably happily skip watching the adaptations. (I'm bad at hate-watching, heh.)
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OK, I've posted the schedule for the rest of the books in Events. The Tombs of Atuan will start on Jan. 4, so as not to conflict with New Year's Day. Thanks for your input!
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