How to with John Wilson: TV Show: How To with John Wilson
December 16, 2020 1:49 PM - Season 1 (Full Season) - Subscribe

Six half-hour episodes that are sort of visual essays on specific subjects, but do not expect to learn how to do these things he's telling you about. Subjects include making risotto, covering your furniture, making small talk, splitting the check, putting up scaffolding, and improving your memory. They're often sweet, funny, a bit twisted, and occasionally profound. On HBO Max.
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I loved this. It's kind of an NYC version of Joe Pera Talks with You.
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Interesting comparison. That is another show I absolutely love but didn't make the connection. More anxiety in this show.

I almost included a trigger warning about the furniture covering episode. If you are uncomfortable watching a guy intentionally torturing his dick, you might want to skip that one.
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Yeah, I feel like "more anxiety" and "random person reveals a weird sexual thing" are the things that make it very NYC-specific, versus something you might find on the Upper Peninsula. But I still feel like the overall air of wry, bemused contemplation is common between the two shows. (I mean, there's some aesthetic similarities, it's not a hill I want to die on or anything.)

Fans of How To with John Wilson will probably enjoy this weird little promo / behind the scenes bit featuring executive producer Nathan Fielder.
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Bear with me on this one - but this reminds me of what the teenager in American Beauty THOUGHT he was creating with his video of the paper back blowing in the wind.

I love each episode in that you don't know where it's going to go, or how all the random video clips are going to fit in, but by the end, they do. And beautifully, too.

This show is a form of video meditation. I wait until I'm stressed from whatever happened that day/week and watch an episode to relax.
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His previous videos are also pretty good, with even more American Beauty-style plastic bags.

At first I was slightly resentful as a fan of Joe Pera Talks with You, but (a) the shows are fundamentally pretty different, since ultimately Joe Pera is a (quite moving) dramedy; and (b) his Vimeo shorts actually predate Pera's show. Good for HBO for picking this up, just in time for my NYC fix now that High Maintenance is over -- which also got its start as Vimeo shorts.
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(Joe Pera Talks With You * Nathan For You) + (Surveillance Camera Man - activist antagonism) = This Show

I think this show is wonderful and have been recommending it to everyone I respect or know will enjoy it. If nothing else, I implore people to watch the Furniture Coverings episodes, both because people into furniture coverings are weird and interesting in a way you probably haven't had to think about, but the episode also pivots into some eye popping action near the end in a really unexpected, but ultimately it does make sense with the themes and way the show goes.
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something about the way this guy joins his narration, images, and music gives me a strong adam curtis vibe.

amazing show
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Fucking love this show. The visual metaphors combined with the quirky, meandering narration is pure joy for me.
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This was just wonderful. Not really knowing much about it going in other than somebody saying "It's a documentary-ish thing thing that starts by asking a question—then immediately falling off the rails." Within not even like ten minutes I turned and said "There is no way Nathan Fielder is not involved with this." And, turns out, 100% correct.

The end was a killer. Totally unexpected, but very much should have expected it.
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Absolutely loved this. I had no idea what to expect going into it, laughed so much, and upon seeing Nathan Fielder in the credits I was like "aha, that makes sense." So good!
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This is jaw-droppingly weird.
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